Final Fantasy VII Week

Celebrating the classic’s 25th anniversary.

FF7 Week
25 years ago, Final Fantasy changed video game protagonists forever

Do you ever feel like a fraud?

Square Enix
FF7 Week
Every playable Final Fantasy 7 character, ranked from worst to best

Even a masterpiece has a few dull spots.

FF7 Week
Stunning Final Fantasy 7 concept art could reveal a Remake Part 2 twist

Red XIII needs to have a bigger role.

FF7 Week
There's only one good way to play the original Final Fantasy 7 in 2022

This remaster makes the best RPG even better.

Square Enix
FF7 WEek
Kingdom Hearts 4 needs to add one compelling FF7 Remake mechanic

A refined combat system is key.

Square Enix / Nintendo
FF7 Week
FF7’s best character taught me to be kind in a cruel world

Choose kindness.

by Casey David Muir-Taylor
Remake remix
12 great visual mods for Final Fantasy VII Remake

You can make FF7R look like a whole new game with these mods.

Square Enix
FF7 Week
17 years later, FF7: Advent Children is still an incoherent masterpiece

This continuation was just the beginning.

Square Enix Company
7 outrageous FF7 scenes we can't wait to see in Remake Part 2

This game are sick.

Game Theory
FF7 Remake Part 2 needs to give an unlikely ally a bigger role

His time to shine.

Inverse Game Reviews
Final Fantasy VII Remake is an outrageously beautiful masterpiece

Inverse score: 9/10