Final Fantasy VII Week

Celebrating the classic’s 25th anniversary.

FF7 Week

25 years ago, Final Fantasy changed video game protagonists forever

Do you ever feel like a fraud?

Square Enix

FF7 Week

Every playable Final Fantasy 7 character, ranked from worst to best

Even a masterpiece has a few dull spots.

FF7 Week

There's only one good way to play the original Final Fantasy 7 in 2022

This remaster makes the best RPG even better.

Square Enix

FF7 WEek

Kingdom Hearts 4 needs to add one compelling FF7 Remake mechanic

A refined combat system is key.

Square Enix / Nintendo

Remake remix

12 great visual mods for Final Fantasy VII Remake

You can make FF7R look like a whole new game with these mods.

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FF7 Week

17 years later, FF7: Advent Children is still an incoherent masterpiece

This continuation was just the beginning.

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Go deeper

22 years later, this cult classic RPG still holds up

Square’s overlooked classic.

saving grace

Final Fantasy 7 Remake theory reveals the sly reason behind that Barret twist

They just let anyone come back to life now, don’t they?

Save your gil

The ultimate Final Fantasy statue costs more than a used car


10 of the weirdest and wildest FFXIV Adventure Plates

A blessing and a curse.

Final Fantasy Fashion

Final Fantasy Uniqlo collaboration: All 16 shirts, ranked

Uniqlo’s latest collection celebrates 35 years of Final Fantasy.

Game Theory

FFXIV’s latest cameo hints at the return of a classic Final Fantasy villain

Blast from the past.


Here's exactly how long it takes to finish Final Fantasy XIV

It’s a serious time commitment.

Home sweet home

How the new FFXIV housing lottery works after Patch 6.1

Time to get on the property ladder.


Stranger of Paradise's Jack reveals the sweaty secrets behind his wild performance

How Mocean Melvin went from Shark Week to Final Fantasy icon.


20 years later, the most devoted fandom in video games is bigger than ever

Sora and the gang turn 20.

Inverse Codex

FFXIV Patch 6.1 release window, alliance raid, and new content

A massive update is coming.


20 years ago, Square Enix made the most incoherent video game of all time

Two decades later, we still have no idea what the plot is about.


Stranger of Paradise devs reveal how one song shaped the entire soundtrack

Leave Fred Durst out of this.

Game Recs

25 years later, Square Enix needs to remake this underrated fighting game

Live by the sword.

Game Guides

How to beat Tonberries and Cactuars in Stranger of Paradise

A knife in the Chaos.


How that wild Stranger of Paradise ending rewrites Final Fantasy history

Embrace the Chaos.