Corey Plante

Corey Plante is a multimedia journalist, writer, and reporter living in Brooklyn, NY. He covers varied topics at the cross-section of entertainment and culture, everything from indie video games to superhero shows and movies, as well as 'Rick and Morty.'
10 science fiction movies & shows on Netflix you need to see now
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Summer's almost over, make the most of it with these movies and TV shows.
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Netflix August 2020: 11 best sci-fi shows and movies you can't miss
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PlayStation State of Play: 'Resident Evil 8' and 3 more games to expect
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'Marvel's Avengers' beta review: Still waiting for its 'Endgame' triumph
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'Final Fantasy 16' release date, trailer, director of the rumored next-gen RPG
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We might get our first look sometime very soon.
'Marvel's Avengers' Spider-Man 2021 DLC: Not the crossover you've dreamt of
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Talk about a missed opportunity.
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‘Umbrella Academy’ Season 2 ending explained: What is the Sparrow Academy?
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What does it mean for Season 3? Who are those new characters? Let's get into it.
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'Rick and Morty' Season 5 release date: New clip reveals a major clue
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What does this mean for Season 5?
PS5 vs. Xbox series X launch titles: 6 games that’ll define the console war
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loot up
'PUBG' Season 8 brings huge map changes, Loot Trucks, and Sanhok 4 lore
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PUBG finally gets a story.
'Rick and Morty' Season 4's worst episode turns Jerry into a cult leader
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A normal camping trip becomes a bland sci-fi spectacle.
Singularity Awards
The 10 best movie aliens of the 2010s
Corey Plante
It was an out-of-this-world decade for sci-fi cinema and the aliens that were part of it. Here are all the absolute best and most memorable extraterrestrials from movies released in the last 10 years.
'Elden Ring' release date, trailer, and leaks for the new Soulsborne game
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"OoHHh Elden Ring!"
'Rick and Morty' best episodes: All 41 episodes ranked, including Season 4
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Stop asking questions and just have fun.
who let the watch dogs out
Ubisoft Forward 2020 start time: How to watch the reveal event livestream
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Get ready for next-gen installments of the publisher's biggest franchises.
'Smash Ultimate' Fighter Pass 2 release dates, fighters, and leaks to know
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Please give us Sirfetch'd.
'Last of Us 2' post-mortem: Picking apart 2020’s most controversial game
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Here's everything we loved — and didn’t — about Naughty Dog's latest.
blasting off again
'Pokémon GO' Team Rocket event: Balloons, Shadows, and Giovanni explained
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What to know about those pesky Team GO Rocket balloons.
'Final Fantasy 9' 20th anniversary: Vivi’s crisis is more relevant than ever
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Vivi is my hero.
7 best games of 2020 so far — July edition
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Here are Inverse's highlights at the halfway point of the year.