Robin Bea

Robin Bea is a freelance writer focused on the intersections of queer culture, indie TTRPGs, and video games. She lives in Pittsburgh where she can be found cat-proofing her apartment, making coffee, and telling herself she’s just about to learn to sew one of these days. Robin produces and co-hosts Girl Mode, a gaming and media criticism podcast, with Inverse writer Willa Rowe. She also contributes game reviews to GameCrate.


The Game Awards Is Addressing a Dangerous Trend at This Year’s Show

Putting a stop to a growing concern.

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The Most Promising Video Game Remake May Already Be Canceled

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Epic New Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Art Reveals the Biggest Pitfall of Video Game Remakes

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Vanillaware’s Charm Is On Full Display In New Unicorn Overlord Details

Still got it.

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Persona Developer Raises Worker Pay As Game Dev Layoffs Continue Worldwide

A better model.

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Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Rating Reveals a Pivotal Plot Point

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Hades Is Great, But Netflix Games Could Do More With Its Mobile Library

Netflix Games needs more than ports.


GTA 6 Release Date Window, Leaks, Possible Map Size, Rating, and Everything We Know About the Open-World Game

The world’s most anticipated game is still a mystery.

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Modern Warfare 3 Isn't the Only Game to Brutalize Cheaters in Hilarious Ways

Don’t look down.


Fantasy Life i’s Reported Delay Could Save the Game for One Simple Reason

Who has time for another life?