'Splainin to Do

WandaVision just set up a final showdown more epic than Avengers: Endgame

From Wanda to Vision and all the players beyond, here's everyone in place for the final showdown.

Curtains up! Light the lights! The stage is well and fully set for an epic WandaVision finale, so much so that it's got me singing Gypsy. With so many different players on the board, and with the truth now fully revealed (most of the way, at least), the WandaVision endgame is poised to rival ... well, Endgame!

The questions posed by the current WandaVision status quo are myriad. What's next for Wanda now that both she and we understand the extent of her involvement in the Westview incident and what brought her to build the Hex? How will Vision fare when forced to face not just Wanda's actions, but quite literally himself? And for the love of Ralph, will Agatha Harkness please put Billy and Tommy down gently? Someone's going to get hurt!

That's the point, of course: someone — several someones — are already hurt, and there's still so much pain to dish out. The aforementioned characters are just a small sliver of the players on the board, and that's not even accounting for the complete wild cards still in the mix. Heading into the finale, here's the roster of everyone to look out for. Warning! Spoilers ahead.

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WandaVision finale: Center stage

Love, persevering.

Wanda Maximoff — Now known as the Scarlet Witch, Wanda's comic book alter ego stands fully formed. Despite the catchy "Agatha All Along" song, it turns out Westview's transformation — and Vision's "resurrection" — was absolutely Wanda all along.

Standing face-to-face with her own actions, not to mention the grief that drove her here, will Wanda end the Hex and confront what she's lost? Or will she make the whole thing worse somehow? The tension of Wanda's role in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness leaves us without a clean answer.

Vision — Leave it to the newborn to provide the most beautiful summation of the entire WandaVision experiment. In the penultimate episode, Vision scores the best line of it all: "What is grief, if not love persevering?" Whether Vision gets to persevere past WandaVision … well, that's another matter.

The Hex keeps Vision alive, and the Hex can't survive the series, can it? And even if the Hex-born Vision can make his way out, that's not going to help him when it comes time to face off against …

WandaVision finale: Bad actors

Bad Vision. It's a problem!

White Vision Hailing straight from Marvel Comics, White Vision is, sadly, the "real" Vison. Although that depends on one's interpretation of "real." This is the original Vision's body, albeit warped through S.W.O.R.D. experimentation.

Its exact purpose? Unknown, though the agency it works for certainly suggests a measure of pain and suffering. There's hope that this souped-up Vision shell could provide a physical home for the recently reborn Vision, giving this story a happy ending after all. But given how many times Vision has nearly died and actually died already, best not to get hopes up.

Director Hayward Also known as Tyler, the creator of White Vision, in a manner of speaking, isn't walking away from Westview without some answers. Unless he's actually a secret Skrull, presided over the White Vision project for his Secret Invasion agenda, and is now about to peace out with New Jersey's deadliest weapon in tow. Stranger things! They have happened!

Unless a very subversive twist is on its way (and again, stranger things and all that), the acting S.W.O.R.D. director is bearing out as the exact kind of bureaucratic monster everyone expected. He's the Dr. Frankenstein of the current Vision mess; there's no reason to think it will end any better for him than it ended for old Victor.

Agatha Harkness Away from the Vision of it all, there's the erstwhile Agnes. Much like Wanda, Kathryn Hahn's wicked witch is fully formed now as well, the one Westview resident operating out of the Scarlet Witch's control. Episode 8 reveals the extent of her powers, killing several magic contemporaries in the long-ago past, and now sprouting Mephisto-ish arms to trap Billy and Tommy in broad daylight.

A mentor figure to Wanda in the comics, will Agatha and Wanda find a way to see eye-to-eye? Will Wanda strike "a deal with the devil," training Agatha in the ways of Chaos Magic, flipping their comics dynamic on its head? Or will someone — anyone — intercede?

WandaVision finale: On your (stage) left

A new Marvel hero could save the whole day.

Monica Rambeau There's no one better positioned to stop Hayward and, frankly, White Vision. No matter her eventual code name, Monica's powers from the comics (and now as they're developing on WandaVision) deal in energy manipulation. If face to face with the new Vision, Monica's powers could halt the android in its tracks, either dismantling him for good, or serving as a conduit for "our" Vision to reclaim his body. All Monica wants is to stop the Hex and help her fellow traveler in grief, Wanda ... well, this would certainly do the trick.

Jimmy and Darcy — Agent Woo and Doctor Lewis are very much still in the mix with stories of their own to resolve. How could they come into play? Both characters are invested in the love story between Wanda and Vision. Both characters present special skill sets: Jimmy with his sleight-of-hand magic (not to mention his federal agent connections), and Darcy with her scientific understanding of the Westview phenomenon (not to mention her Asgardian connections).

Jimmy and Darcy could team up with Monica to bring Vision back to his rightful form and could team together to make him "disappear" from the public eye — or at least, far away from Hayward.

WandaVision finale: Family friendlies

Agatha with Billy (and Tommy) on the street.

Billy and Tommy Perhaps "disappear" is a poor word of choice here, considering what might come next. The new Maximoff twins are in a dire situation right now, at Agatha's mercy. In the comics, Billy and Tommy are prominent members of the Young Avengers. Their involvement in the MCU's version of that super-group is all but assured. But the path to get there? Less so.

Again in the comics, Billy and Tommy are stripped from existence and stay that way for quite some time before their Young Avengers arrival. If WandaVision is going for the fully tragic ending, then ... well, yeah. Not good.

Uncle Pietro Or "Fietro," rather, but who is buying that bad pun, really? You don't cast former Quicksilver as fake-out Quicksilver unless there's some actual Quicksilver here, right? This Pietro isn't Wanda's Pietro, but that doesn't mean he's a fake Pietro altogether.

The first X-Men alum of the Fox era to cross the multiversal streams, super-speeding Uncle Pietro could still very much be the same character from Days of Future Past. Don't take the scheming Agatha at her word. We saw Pietro run; that's Quicksilver speed, folks. And we know that Wanda is on her way to The Multiverse of Madness, so leaning on Uncle Pietro as a means of opening that door — or that Nexus, as it were — feels extremely likely indeed.

WandaVision finale: Off stage

Is there a doctor in the house?

Doctor Strange While we're on the subject, let's consider Wanda Maximoff's The Multiverse of Madness co-star: Stephen Strange. Rumors of Benedict Cumberbatch's Sorcerer Supreme arrival in WandaVision are as old as the series' announcement itself. Time's running out for Strange to make an appearance. Good thing Strange is all about time.

In classic television trope fashion, the good Doctor stands ready to arrive in the WandaVision finale as a deus ex machina, either enlisting Wanda for his next fight, or following after her as a new opponent.

Monsters! — Who is the real WandaVision villain? Is it one of these aforementioned über powerful entities, secretly controlling one or both of Wanda and Agatha? Is Al Pacino hiding in the wings warming up his vocal cords, ready to YEAAAH! his way into the MCU, Devil's Advocate style? (Probably nope, but am I going to stop trying to manifest it? Also nope.) The Elder Gods connections to WandaVision speak for themselves at this point, what with the major Scarlet Witch reveal, making Chthon the likeliest of these outside-the-box bad guys.

Then again, Agatha's Mephisto-ish positioning of Tommy and Billy leaves one to wonder if she's not actually Mephisto herself. Whether or not one or more of these characters arrives, expect the finale to come loaded with nightmare fuel, if not quite Nightmare fuel.

Aliens! — The "Major Goodner is a Skrull" theory is a sound one, and shouldn't be ruled out until the very end of the series. Similar to Multiverse of Madness, we know Secret Invasion is on the way, and we know Monica has connections to the Skrulls. Makes all the sense in the world (and in several other worlds, frankly) that Monica would call one of her Skrull friends in to help this situation.

Is Director Hayward a Skrull as well, as some have theorized? Maybe, but here's another possibility: he's Kree. Remember, Talos and Soren (as Nick Fury and Maria Hill) alluded to a Kree invasion all the way back in Spider-Man: Far From Home. Is Hayward part of that invasion? Worth putting on your radar.

Reed Richards It ain't happening, folks, fantastic as it would have been. But for the sake of dreaming big, let's gift the head of Marvel's First Family the prestigious "and" credit of our rampant speculation, shall we?

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