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One WandaVision Easter egg may reveal Episode 9's shocking cameo

Who will it be? One theory could hold the answer.

With just one episode to go, WandaVision has yet to deliver on the epic cameo that both its stars keep promising. Who is this "Luke Skywalker"-level cameo that Paul Bettany has always wanted to work with? We'll finally find out in WandaVision Episode 9, but a compelling new theory could reveal the answer ahead of time. (Warning! WandaVision spoilers ahead.)

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The theory — Remember at the end of WandaVision Episode 7 when Wanda went into Agatha's basement and found that creepy book? The Darkhold didn't factor into Episode 8, but we have to assume it will turn up again in some capacity in WandaVision Episode 9, and the reason why could have everything to do with one very relevant member of the Avengers: Doctor Strange.

Of course, we've already suspected that Strange could show up since Marvel's confirmed that WandaVision will connect directly to his upcoming movie Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. However, as some fans have pointed out, there's one more reason to suspect Stephen could be skulking around.

Way back in the original Doctor Strange movie, there's a scene where Strange goes to the Ancient One's library. If you look closely, you'll notice a book is missing. The characters never actually discuss it, but after Agatha showed up with a mysterious magic book, some fans are putting the pieces together.

Will Doctor Strange show up in WandaVision Episode 9?

All signs point to yes. We have to assume that the Avengers (or what's left of them post-Endgame) are monitoring the situation in Westview. Of the remaining heroes, Strange feels like an obvious choice to investigate the bizarre magical disturbance that's on the verge of enveloping New Jersey. The fact that one of his magic books might also be in Westview after being stolen by a witch only gives him an added incentive to show up in WandaVision Episode 9.

Beyond that, the series definitely seems to be setting up an Avengers-level showdown in its big finale. With Wanda, Agatha, two Visions, Monica Rambeau (aka, Photon), and "Fake Pietro" all on the board, things are about to get intense. It may take the calming presence of Benedict Cumberbatch to keep this explosive situation from turning into a full-blown apocalypse scenario.

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