Gaming News

The Xbox Game Pass Price Hike Just Gave The FTC More Ammo Against Microsoft

ByTrone Dowd

Fallout London Just Announced the Best Video Game Stunt Casting in Years

ByTrone Dowd
Food Science

The Case Of The Missing 45 Million Gallons Of Milk & The School Food Waste Fight

ByBridget Huber
Found in Translation

6 Years Ago, a Trippy Sci-Fi Movie Accidentally Predicted a Disturbing Political Movement

ByCarlos Aguilar

HBO's New Show Is Secretly the Best Political Thriller of 2024

ByDais Johnston

Pentagon UFO report: 5 questions that every American needs to know

ByPassant Rabie
The Superhero Issue

In defense of supervillains

ByJill Louise Busby
Paranoid Android

50 years ago, Watergate changed the American political thriller forever

BySteph Green
Clinton Still Plays the Sax

'Animaniacs' Hulu revival is "edgier" than you remember

ByEric Francisco
A proposal

The Case for a National Covid-19 Memorial Day on May 28

ByEmma Betuel

China and Russia are on track to set up a Moon base by 2036 — here’s the plan

ByAllie Hutchison

'The Last of Us 2' proves games can make us better people

ByAlex Miller

Did NASA Just Enter A New Space Race? A Space Policy Expert Says It Would Be a Mistake

ByKiona Smith

QAnon merch: How masks legitimize the conspiracy theory — and enrich the sellers

ByEmma Betuel

The Best Post-Apocalypse Games of 2023 Reveal an Exciting New Trend

ByFrancisco Dominguez
The Inverse Interview

Star Trek just brought back one of its most revolutionary characters — and she needs to stay

ByRyan Britt

Inside the FBI's secret Einstein file: Flying saucers and Soviet conspiracies

ByRahul Rao
Awkward Phase

Madame Gandhi talks "Waiting for Me," optimism in dark times, and babies

ByJen Glennon
Cult Week

How a controversial religious group became one of Japan's most popular film producers

ByAlicia Haddick
The Viking Issue

Lochlannach: How Viking raids shaped Ireland's cultural landscape

ByAodh Ó Riagáin
The Resistance

13 times protesters used Star Wars to make a statement

ByDais Johnston
Hold your applause

5 Olympic Games that never happened

ByJennifer Walter
London Blitz

6 eye-opening images of the aftermath of the london blitz

ByJoAnna Wendel
Fauci Dispatch

4 Fauci takes that provide crucial context for the end of 2020

ByEmma Betuel

John Wick Fixes the Worst Thing About Conspiracy Theories in Movies

ByWang Sum Luk

I’ve been talking to conspiracy theorists for 20 years. Here are my six rules of engagement.

ByJovan Byford
Mind and Body

Covid-19 "lab leak": Why it's worth looking into

ByVirginie Courtier and Etienne Decroly
Jedi Training

Yoda Black Lives Matter statue photographer never expected to go viral

ByEric Francisco
Equity & Justice

EA just set the standard for game companies committing to Black Lives Matter

ByTomas Franzese
Rule breaker

One psychological factor illuminates why democracies struggle with Covid-19

ByEmma Betuel

War in Ukraine forces Starlink competitor OneWeb to use SpaceX for launches

ByMike Brown

Minneapolis police say data can prevent brutality. There's reason to be skeptical.

ByDavid Grossman
Artificial Intelligence

"Risk of Extinction" From AI Is as Big a Threat as Nuclear War, Tech Experts Warn

ByMolly Glick
Space history

8 years ago, the U.S. and Russia played chicken with the ISS — will history repeat itself?

ByNathaniel Scharping

Hydroxychloroquine: New review of several studies shows flaws in research and no benefit of drug touted by Trump

ByC. Michael White

This could be why Russia blew up its own satellite

ByJon Kelvey

Why Covid-19 death rates can’t be summed up in one simple number

ByJonathan Fuller
The Inverse Review

'Forever Purge' review: The controversial saga gets the ending it deserves

ByJake Kleinman
Dishonor on your cow

Mushu: 'Mulan' 2020 ditched the character for an important cultural reason

ByEric Francisco

The U.S. Senate is trying to steal your privacy while no one is looking.

ByDavid Grossman
Inverse Recommends

You need to watch the best dystopian action movie on Amazon Prime ASAP

ByDavid Grossman

Crabfeeder! 'House of the Dragon' Easter egg changes 'Game of Thrones' canon

ByMónica Marie Zorrilla
Fauci Dispatch

3 Fauci quotes to guide how to live during the fall coronavirus surge

ByEmma Betuel
Sunday Scaries

Election stress disorder: Why American mental health is swayed by politics

BySarah Sloat
Mind and Body

See what separates QAnon followers from you

BySophia Moskalenko

2024’s Doomsday Clock Stuck at 90 Seconds to Midnight — AI Could Tip It Over The Edge

ByKiona Smith

What can go wrong when governments let algorithms make the decisions

ByMonika Sarder
Ballot box

New study debunks idea that voting by mail will cause electoral chaos

ByDavid Grossman

50 years ago, Russia landed on Mars for 15 seconds — and taught America a lesson

ByJon Kelvey

California’s order may have saved 1,600 lives in one month

ByAndrew Friedson, Dhaval Dave, Drew McNichols and Joseph J. Sabia