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Screenwriter, Journalist, Associate Editor at Syfy Wire.
'Deadpool 3'? Rob Liefeld is moving on to his next big project
Jeff Spry
The creator of Deadpool, Domino, Cable, and more Marvel legends is way more excited about his new comic: G.I. Joe's Snake Eyes.
Samurai ghosts hunt thrill-seeking disaster tourists in 'Disaster Inc.'
Jeff Spry
Check out an exclusive preview of Disaster Inc. #1.
Takeshi's Revenge
'Altered Carbon' Season 3 release date, cast, trailer for Netflix renewal
Jeff Spry and Jake Kleinman
Netflix needs to bring back this cyberpunk saga ASAP.
Inverse Interviews
'Altered Carbon' creator reveals Takeshi Kovacs' shocking future
Jeff Spry
Inverse spoke to Richard K. Morgan about the future of the graphic novel expansion of the Altered Carbon universe and his thoughts on the Netflix series.
New on Netflix
6 questions and theories you need to remember for 'Altered Carbon' Season 2
Jeff Spry
Is Poe gone? What's up with the Elders? Here's what you need to know.
Into the Mignolaverse
Hellboy's creator is ignoring Hollywood to do something unexpected
Jeff Spry
In a rare, exclusive interview with Inverse, Mike Mignola talks about the past, present, and future of his unholy creation.
Hellboy's scariest enemy returns in Mike Mignola's new comic
Jeff Spry
The Crooked Man returns...
Wakey wakey
Harley Quinn's newest comic explains the best moment in 'Birds of Prey'
Jeff Spry
“We tend to write Harley like she thinks, like her brain works."
Mike Mignola's 'Frankenstein Undone' expands the Hellboy universe in surprising new ways (Exclusive)
Jeff Spry
“I fleshed out a bit more of the history of the Hellboy Universe,” Mignola tells Inverse.
Hello there
New Star Wars book reveals the secret history of your favorite heroes and villains
Jeff Spry
An exclusive look at Star Wars: Collecting A Galaxy - The Art Of Sideshow Collectibles