Jeff Spry

Jeff Spry is a freelance journalist covering TV, movies, and comics for Inverse. He's also an Associate Editor at Syfy Wire and his work has also appeared in, RealClearScience, and elsewhere. Jeff lives in Bend, Oregon, amid the ponderosa pines, a treasure of horror comics, and two loyal English Setters.

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Legend of Vox Machina release date, time, cast, and trailer for Amazon’s D&D epic

Amazon's animated series gives new life to the popular Critical Role campaign.

Life finds a way

New Jurassic Park visual history reveals incredible behind-the-scenes details

A book from Insight Editions delves deep into the dinosaur saga’s history.

Scene Stealers 2021

The best character on 'Jupiter's Legacy' could be the future of Netflix superhero stories

Blackstar, Tyler Mane's brutish villain in the Netflix superhero epic 'Jupiter's Legacy,' is perhaps the only reason to watch the one-season wonder.

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'Halloween Ends' release date, trailer, cast, plot, and spoilers for the 2022 finale

Who will end Michael Myers' reign of terror? Here's everything we know about 2022's grand finale for the David Gordon Green trilogy.

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Everything we know about a possible 'Altered Carbon' Season 3

Netflix’s cyberpunk series has come to an end. Here’s everything you need to know.

Paragon of Power

'Jupiter's Legacy' season 2: Netflix's newest superhero promises shocking "darkness" ahead

Netflix's superhero series 'Jupiter's Legacy' only just released its first season, but star Andrew Horton already has an eye on the show's dark future.

Colossal Kaiju
The Inverse Interview

With 'Eternals,' Kieron Gillen is paving the way for Marvel's movie future

The legendary comic book writer tells Inverse how he reinvented Marvel's weirdest superhero team, and what it means for the future of the MCU.

The Inverse Interview
Inverse Interview

Villeneuve’s Dune is the “definitive film adaptation,” the author's son says

Inverse spoke to the 'Dune' author's son and his collaborator Kevin J. Anderson about their new House Atreides prequel comic and more.

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Real Steel on Netflix is the uplifting sci-fi movie you need right now

In a world of gloomy superheroes and dystopian science fiction, Netflix is offering up a refreshing change of pace.

The Superhero Issue

Super Change: What if our favorite stories were actually inclusive?

Inverse asked 17 creators of color to make one change in the history of genre pop culture. Here's what they said.

The Child
Inverse Exclusive

Black Widow comic artist: No one really dies “in those movies”

Elena Casagrande talks about Natasha Romanoff's new comic book adventure and the future of Black Widow.


In the sequel to Bird Box, Malorie faces a terrifying new enemy

Read the first four pages of Josh Malerman's new novel, Malorie.

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Bird Box author reveals more details on the Netflix sequel based on new book

Josh Malerman on his sequel novel Malorie, Netflix's plans for Bird Box 2, and his favorite fan theory about the mysterious monsters he invented.


Deadpool 3? Rob Liefeld is moving on to his next big project

The creator of Deadpool, Domino, Cable, and more Marvel legends is way more excited about his new comic: G.I. Joe's Snake Eyes.

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Altered Carbon creator reveals Takeshi Kovacs' shocking future

Inverse spoke to Richard K. Morgan about the future of the graphic novel expansion of the Altered Carbon universe and his thoughts on the Netflix series.