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Peripheral Episode 4 release date, time, and plot for Amazon’s cyberpunk show

Reset your quantum tunneling devices and join the frantic futuristic hunt for Aelita West.

Don’t feel bad for being somewhat disoriented after watching the double episode premiere and last week’s third entry of Amazon Prime Video’s The Peripheral. To be honest, we’re still acclimating to the dizzying dystopian narrative and plugged into the story of Flynne Fisher and her encounters in a London of the future as we mentally prepare for Peripheral Episode 4.

If you’re wondering what time Peripheral Episode 4 releases on Amazon and where the plot is headed next, we’ve got you covered.

When is The Peripheral Episode 4 release date?

The Peripheral Episode 4 appears on Amazon starting on Friday, November 4.

What is The Peripheral Episode 4 release time?

Amazon offers new movies and shows at midnight Eastern time each Friday (or 9 p.m. Pacific)

How many episodes is The Peripheral?

The debut season of The Peripheral will last for a total of eight episodes.

Louis Herthum as vicious local drug dealer Corbell Pickett in The Peripheral

Amazon Studios

What is the plot of The Peripheral Episode 4?

Per the minimal glimpses into the future of The Peripheral witnessed in the last post-episode preview, we can glean that the fine line between our heroes and villains is a murky one at best.

Flynne dives deeper into her telepresence form, the unfolding mysteries of the RI’s Stub Research Program, and that confidential data that was downloaded into her eye. Since the new episode is called “Jackpot,” we’re apt to learn more about the vague extinction event that has befallen Earth, as well as what’s the greater connection between Aelita and Flynne, the Milagros Coldiron front company, and why did Aelita choose the grandfather clock as her password mechanism.

And in the biggest sneak peek, we saw some freaky transforming techno-sphere in a graveyard that is apparently coming to Flynne’s 2032 timeline to wreak future havoc!

Who is in The Peripheral cast?

The Peripheral comes complete with an electrifying cast that stars Chloë Grace Moretz (Flynne Fisher), Gary Carr (Wilf Netherton), Jack Reynor (Burton Fisher), Eli Goree (Conner), Charlotte Riley (Aelita), JJ Feild (Lev Zubov), Adelind Horan (Billy Ann Baker), Alex Hernandez (Tommy), Austin Rising (Leon) and T'Nia Miller (Dr. Cherise Nuland).

Is there a trailer for The Peripheral Episode 4?

Amazon Studios did not deliver any bespoke trailer for Episode 4 “The Jackpot,” above and beyond the flashes of footage found in the post-episode teaser. To jack into the cyberpunk tone and dystopian style of The Peripheral, check out the official 3-minute “Weeks Ahead” series trailer below.

Will The Peripheral get a Season 2?

Showrunner Greg Plageman has confirmed that a second season of the series adapted by executive producers Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy from William Gibson’s 2014 novel, “The Peripheral,” is progressing although no official news from Amazon Studios has landed yet.

What happened in The Peripheral Episode 3?

In an unsettling 2015 flashback, Corbell Pickett got cruel for the “pure animal joy of it” and sold a dozen cartel bikers a pair of specced-out SUVs that became their overheated tombs. Hopping back to Clanton in the year 2032, Pickett pondered what to do with his big bounty for Flynne and Burton while the mystery of Earth’s future population decline remained top of mind for Flynne.

In London of 2099, Lev Zubov and Wilf Netherton deployed Flynne’s Peripheral body as she re-inhabits the telepresence unit and they reveal that Pickett has been recruited to murder her and her brother. Leaping back to another flashback, we see young Wilf and young Aelita adopted by a wealthy British couple as part of the country’s reformation effort after the “Jackpot” extinction event. Jumping forward again, Wilf visited his mom to inquire about Aelita’s whereabouts and is told that her last location comes with the riddle of “where snow last fell in London.”

Pickett and Burton had a lunchtime showdown with Burton explaining his lethal haptic connections and the fact that he knows Pickett was bribed by Dr. Cherise Nuland’s Research Institute (RI) to take out his family. He offered Pickett a lucrative deal to leave them alone.

T’Nia Miller as Dr. Cherise Nuland with Amber Rose Revah as Grace Hogart in The Peripheral

Amazon Studios

Nuland and her henchman Daniel discussed how to get their stolen object back, with the sinister doctor instilling a sense of urgency to find Flynne by demonstrating her scary matter-manipulation skills. Then in a honey of a murder, the ruthless “Queen Bee” killed an RI engineer named Grace Hogart for telling her ex-roommate, Aelita, about their top-secret Stub Research Program.

Wilf and Flynne teamed up to decipher Aleita’s clue. It’s a reference to a person: Dr. John Snow, a famous 19th-century doctor. They zoom off to the London location where he died and find Aleita’s hideout trashed. Flynne recognizes a grandfather clock as a twin to one in her home that stopped at 2:15, the time of her father’s death. Wilf turned the hands to 2:15 and Aelita’s apparent password opened a passageway as they stepped into another room containing the deactivated Peripheral doctors who performed Flynne’s eye replacement surgery from Episode 1.

An explosion knocked Flynne and Wilf to the ground as Daniel and an AI robot appeared. A fight ensued and Flynne grabbed Daniel’s sonic pistol. But before they can extract any info from him, Nuland actived an optical link to the robot and directed the machine to kill her main hitman.

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