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Peripheral Episode 3 release date, time, plot, cast, and trailer for Amazon’s sci-fi show

The head trip’s afoot in this new reality-bending show based on William Gibson’s novel.

Disturbing scene from The Peripheral tv show in which eye transplantation was performed

We’re off to a bewildering start as Prime Video dropped the first two episodes of The Peripheral last week where we got our first taste of the series’ delirious style of storytelling and mind-warping detours. Creator/showrunner Scott B. Smith and executive producers Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy (Westworld) have done an admirable job in adapting cyberpunk novelist William Gibson’s uncanny 2014 book with a slick cinematic feel that should satiate all hardcore sci-fi fans. Which is all the more reason to be excited for Peripheral Episode 3.

Here’s everything you need to know Peripheral Episode 3 from release date and start time to plot, cast, and more. But before we bounce into this next episode, let’s step back and unravel what’s already unfolded. Trust us, it’s worth a refresher.

What happened in The Peripheral Episodes 1 and 2?

Last week, we were introduced to Flynne Fisher (Chloë Grace Moretz ) and her 2032 dull life taking care of her blind mom and making extra cash with her brother Burton (Jack Reynor) vaulting wealthy clients over troubling VR game levels. When a Columbian company called Milagros Coldiron delivered a newfangled VR headset for a beta test, Flynne volunteered to try it out and was instantly whisked away to the bizarre London of the year 2100.

There, Burton’s avatar is embroiled in a hyper-real game of murder and espionage under the guidance of a mystery woman named Aelita West. Henchmen arrive to thwart the theft of a desired pyramidal object, Burton’s avatar is murdered, and Flynne wakes up in the trailer feeling disoriented.

A $9 million bounty is put on Flynne’s head for what she witnessed and, back in the real world, she becomes the target of marauding mercenaries creeping through the woods that were eliminated by Burton and his enhanced military buddies. A “Fixer” named Wilf Netherton (Gary Carr) starts sending urgent messages to Flynne from the future urging her to return to the game ASAP.

Netherton’s boss and underworld mastermind Lev Zubov wants to know who tried to claim the bounty on Flynne and her family and has created an AI avatar known as a Peripheral that Flynne can possess to help find Aelita. She reenters the sim and finds herself in her own black-garbed avatar in London, where she meets Netherton who tells her this isn’t actually a simulation but an alternate reality accessed via her data-transferring headset by employing Quantum Tunnelling. Whoa!

Gary Carr (Wilf Netherton) and Chloë Grace Moretz (Flynne Fisher) in The Peripheral

Amazon Studios

To prove himself, Netherton reveals the cause and date of her mom’s passing and shows her a newspaper with the obituary. Future medicine can cure Flynne’s mother and Wolf sends a pre-paid prescription to her reality in exchange for her assistance.

Flynne’s debriefing takes place at Zubov’s posh estate where we learn that Aleita West’s involvement at the Research Institute and her trapdoor link to Flynne’s branched-off world is vital for Zubov’s shadowy business interests. That access must be revived for unknown reasons.

Meanwhile, Burton recruits his amputee pal Conner into their little army, and local crime boss Corbell Pickett (Louis Herthum) is retained for hitman services in Clayton while playing a Havana VR sim to eliminate Flynne and Burton for $10 million. Ka-ching!

Okay, got your parallel timelines untangled? Here’s what’s on tap for The Peripheral Episode 3!

When is The Peripheral Episode 3 release date?

The Peripheral Episode 3 arrives exclusively on Amazon starting on Friday, October 28.

What is The Peripheral Episode 3 release time?

Amazon delivers new shows at midnight Eastern time each Friday (or 9 p.m. Pacific)

How many episodes are left in The Peripheral?

The debut season of The Peripheral contains a total of eight episodes. That leaves five after this one.

Gary Carr as “Fixer” Wilf Netherton in The Peripheral

What is the plot of The Peripheral Episode 3?

After the heavy lifting involved in the first pair of chapters, Flynne Fisher is acclimating to her new Peripheral body. The mystery of where all the citizens of future London have gone is sure to be explored. Per the post-credits teaser last week, Cherise Newland, owner of the purloined pyramidal object is hot on getting it back. Netherton reveals that Aelita left clues to her whereabouts, and Corbell Pickett’s identity is suddenly under scrutiny by Lev Zubov’s cunning crew.

We also expect more to be unveiled on the Milagros Coldiron company, exactly what this valuable stolen device’s purpose is, and how it relates to Flynne’s original 2032 timeline.

Who is in The Peripheral cast?

The Peripheral’s acclaimed cast is headlined by Chloë Grace Moretz (Flynne Fisher), Gary Carr (Wilf Netherton), and Jack Reynor (Burton Fisher), with Eli Goree (Conner), Charlotte Riley (Aelita), JJ Feild (Lev Zubov), Adelind Horan (Billy Ann Baker), Alex Hernandez (Tommy), Austin Rising (Leon) and T'Nia Miller (Cherise Nuland).

Is there a trailer for The Peripheral Episode 3?

You can watch a teaser for Episode 3, titled “Haptic Drift,” below and see Flynne dragged further into the uncoiling mysteries in this strange London of the future as the search for Aleita deepens.

Will The Peripheral get a Season 2?

A sophomore season of The Peripheral is now in active development according to new showrunner Greg Plageman, yet Amazon Studios has not shared any official statement on a second season yet. But expect that announcement to come soon as fans pile into this provocative series.

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