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The Peripheral Episode 6 release date, time, plot, and more for Amazon’s sci-fi series

Flynne survives a vicious attack and a Met detective arrives to solve an avatar murder case

After all the recent expositional dumps regarding the Jackpot catastrophe cascade and the link between London 2099 and Flynne’s 2032, it was mildly relaxing to soak it all in with last week’s relatively calm (minus the kung-fu fighting) installment which should plant the seeds for the upcoming final three episodes of The Peripheral’s debut season.

So what will happen in The Peripheral Episode 6? And more importantly, what time will it be released on Amazon? Let’s dive in.

When is The Peripheral Episode 6 release date?

The Peripheral Episode 6 rolls out exclusively on Amazon starting Friday, November 18.

What is The Peripheral Episode 6 release time?

Amazon airs new movies and shows at midnight Eastern time each Friday (or 9 p.m. Pacific)

How many episodes are left for The Peripheral Season 1?

The premiere season of The Peripheral is just eight episodes long. After this week’s time-hopping chapter there are only two remaining.

Detective Ainsley Lowbeer (Amanda Billings) in The Peripheral (right)

Amazon Studios

What is the plot of The Peripheral Episode 6?

This previous episode was conspicuously devoid of the sly swagger of Corbell Pickett so expect him to return in some capacity as we step toward the remaining two episodes of the season.

As seen in the quick post-credits sequence for “What About Bob?” we’ll dip back into the past with Burton and Conner on a past marine combat mission when they first got their haptic upgrades. Also, the murder of Cherise’s avatar apparently draws the interest of London 2099’s Detective Ainsley Lowbeer (Amanda Billings) and her police partner, who go visit Lev Zubov.

Sheriff Tommy Constantine gets a shocking jolt of truth when he slips on the trippy VR headset. Finally, Wilf shows Flynne the secret of London’s random citizens with a rub of his fingertips! The nature of simulation versus reality, whether in 2032 or 2099, may never be the same!

Who is in The Peripheral cast?

The Peripheral offers sci-fi fans an inspired ensemble cast that includes Chloë Grace Moretz (Flynne Fisher), Gary Carr (Wilf Netherton), Jack Reynor (Burton Fisher), Eli Goree (Conner), Charlotte Riley (Aelita), JJ Feild (Lev Zubov), Adelind Horan (Billy Ann Baker), Alex Hernandez (Tommy), Austin Rising (Leon) and T'Nia Miller (Dr. Cherise Nuland).

Is there a trailer for The Peripheral Episode 6?

Except for a few seconds of images after the last chapter as mentioned above, Amazon Studios has not released a specific teaser for Episode 6. But don’t despair, as you can easily check out the three-minute “Weeks Ahead” full-season trailer below to ingest the vibe of this cerebral series adapted from William Gibson’s 2014 mind-warping novel of the same name.

What happened in The Peripheral Episode 5?

What’s a sci-fi series today without a few flashbacks tossed into the narrative mix? In last week’s chapter, ”What About Bob,” we popped back one year prior to Aelita West going on the lam and headed into the Research Institute where Aelita West bumps into Grace where a previous romantic entanglement is revealed between the two employees.

But Aelita is fishing for details on the RI’s secret Stub Research Program where Grace works. It seems the RI and their temporal meddling has over 8,000 time fragments in operation involved with zoology, meteorology, robotics, genetics, and behavioral mods. Now we know where Burton and his marines got their haptic implants from as Grace explains how shell companies formed in the past stocked the military with future tech. Aelita is alarmed at the unethical implications of these mods, providing possible benevolent motivations for her stealing the odd object.

The notorious Bob “The Butcher” O’Connell (Ned Dennehy) in The Peripheral

Amazon Studios

Meanwhile, ex-assassin Bob “The Butcher” O’Connell (Ned Dennehy) receives a mysterious package containing another sonic pistol like the one Daniel used. AI Daniel contacts Hitman Bob and recruits him into the RI’s mercenary arsenal with $10 million to murder Flynne and Burton.

Back in the hospital, as Flying undergoes a CT scan to see if her chronic headset use is causing neurological damage after her seizure, a brain bacteria is discovered unlike anything ever see. Following an intense shootout with Hitman Bob, Burton, and a shotgun-toting Billy Ann on the Clanton Bridge, Flynne leaps back into her avatar to alert Wilf in London 2099 of the most recent attempt on their lives.

This all leads to an unnerving meeting between Flynne and Cherise Nuland at the Research Institute lobby, with Cherise inside an avatar of her own and Flynne upset over the last attack. Dueling threats lead to a vicious fight that ends with Flynne snapping the Cherise avatar’s neck!

Will The Peripheral get a Season 2?

Creator Scott B. Smith, new showrunner Greg Plageman, and executive producers Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy do have plans to continue Flynne’s sci-fi story into a second season but Amazon Studios has not announced anything formal yet, so we’ll see what the future holds.

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