Danny Paez

Danny Paez is a video games writer at Inverse. His work has appeared on Motherboard, Cartoon Brew, and CNBC.
Hey listen
'Breath of the Wild 2' leak claims it'll revive a popular 'Wind Waker' feature
Danny Paez
The long-awaited sequel could be different in this one key way.
hey now, you're a rockstar
'GTA 6' release date: "Project Americas" hinted at in Rockstar's Instagram
Danny Paez
Was this just a harmless repost or some kind of legit teaser?
stalk market
How to become a Bellionaire in the 'Animal Crossing' Stalk Market
Danny Paez
Follow these turnip tips to make a fortune.
Xbox Series X release date, price, specs & games for Microsoft's powerhouse
Danny Paez
Microsoft's coming out swinging next generation.
vice city
'GTA 6' release date leak: Actor Jorge Consejo may have spoiled everything
Danny Paez
Did an actor just slyly confirm GTA 6?
bad bunny
'Animal Crossing: New Horizons': If you hate Zipper, try 'Factorio' instead
Danny Paez
Take a break from your island and build a factory!
secret's out
'Teamfight Tactics' 10.7 comps: 1 secretly overpowered new team to try
Danny Paez
Rebel scum doesn't stand a chance against a Void team comp.
Last call
You need to play this sci-fi horror classic before it leaves Xbox Game Pass
Danny Paez
Don't fall "Prey" to a missed opportunity.
game guides
'Animal Crossing: New Horizons' April fish and bugs: Atlas Moth and 24 more
Danny Paez
...or 5, depending on which hemisphere your island is on.
rebel scum
'TFT' 10.7 release date and patch notes just demolished Rebels team comps
Danny Paez
Riot Games also introduced some new game modes to spice things up.
don't call it a comeback
‘Metroid Prime 4’ release date: Nintendo E3 2020 leak hints at Samus’ return
Danny Paez
Could this be Samus' epic comeback?
project americas 2020
'GTA 6’ release date rumor may mean it's a PS5, Xbox Series X launch title
Danny Paez
There's still hope for some kind of announcement this year.
Gaming Guides
'Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ Zebra Turkeyfish: Shadow size, location, price
Danny Paez
Reel 'em in!
console war
PS5 price leak could indicate a troubling trend with next-gen consoles
Danny Paez
Gamers, prepare your wallets.
Critical Hit! From D&D to Pokémon, tracing the origins of the gaming phrase
Danny Paez
Tracing the term's origins, from D&D to Pokémon.
stalk market
‘Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ turnip prices: Daisy Mae location, hours
Danny Paez
Sunday is turnip time, baby.
'Teamfight Tactics' 10.7 patch notes introduce a drastic change for the better
Danny Paez
The reign of the infamous Rebels comp may soon be over.
Catch 'Em All
Kubfu: How to evolve the Pokémon Sword & Shield legendary in Isle of Armor DLC
Danny Paez
Here's how the Sword & Shield's new legendary will work.
punching up
‘Smash Ultimate’ Fighter Pass 2: This 'Arms' villain could be the next DLC
Danny Paez
Could this new fighter be just like "Hero"?
hey listen
'Breath of the Wild 2' release date news could arrive on March 31. Here's why.
Danny Paez
A BotW 2 hint might be right around the corner.