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Danny Paez is a video games writer at Inverse. His work has appeared on Motherboard, Cartoon Brew, and CNBC.
Fus ro dah
'Elder Scrolls 6' release date, trailer and location for epic Skyrim sequel
Jake Kleinman, Danny Paez and Just Lunning
Everything we know so far.
PS5 launch titles: 'Spider-Man: Miles Morales' and 8 more next-gen game releases
Tomas Franzese and Danny Paez
Sony's next-gen console has a bevy of new games that'll be available launch day.
Console war origin: How a retro rivalry sparked gaming's most heated feud
Danny Paez

Console Wars

'GTA 6’ release date needs to emulate this brutal ‘Last of Us 2’ element
Danny Paez
The next GTA installment should be the most brutal.
PS5 Standard vs Digital price: 5 reasons the disc drive is worth the $100
Jen Glennon, Corey Plante, Tomas Franzese, Danny Paez and Just Lunning
It's a little fuglier, sure. But if you're like us, you'll probably use it.
PS5 release date, price, preorders, launch titles for Sony's next-gen console
Danny Paez
The future of gaming is almost now.
Imposter syndrome
‘Among Us’ Xbox, PS4 release date: Developer offers a disappointing update
Danny Paez
Making a PS4 and Xbox One version is easier said than done, says InnerSloth programmer.
Inverse Codex
PlayStation Plus Collection price, release date, and complete game list
Danny Paez
Heavy-hitting PS4 titles will be available on the PS5 at launch...but at a cost.
PS5 preorder guide: How to reserve Sony's console in case it sells out
Danny Paez
The time has almost come.
What's up danger?
'Spider-Man: Miles Morales' PS5 release date, trailer, and plot for the PS5 game
Danny Paez and Just Lunning
It's the biggest PS5 launch title Sony has announced so far.
new horizons
'Horizon Forbidden West' release date, trailer, and leaks for the PS5 sequel
Danny Paez
Alloy's next adventure is just over the...horizon.
Game Guides
'Among Us’ ghost guide: 3 tips to help your team win from beyond the grave
Danny Paez
There's still work to be done from beyond the grave.
‘Fall Guys’ update 1.07 patch notes: Big Yeetus and Cheater Island reign supreme
Danny Paez
Many of the game's most predictable maps just got a lot more random.
Trust no one
‘Among Us 2’ release date, trailer, price, and ports planned for the sequel
Danny Paez
One of the summer's biggest games is getting a sequel.
Last Call
You only have a few days left to get this odd masterpiece on Switch for $10
Danny Paez
Cue Megalovania.
Target acquired
'GTA 6' release date needs to adapt this murderous 'Red Dead 2' feature
Danny Paez
Bounty-style missions need to be Rockstar's next open-world adventure.
Nowhere to hide
‘Among Us’ imposter guide: 5 crafty strategies to win as the killer
Danny Paez
No one will suspect a thing.
Mad hops
‘Fall Guys’ Hex-a-Gone strategy: 5 tips to stay alive and snag the crown
Danny Paez
With a little practice, you'll become a Hex-a-Gone hopping machine.
Justice for Beedle
'Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity' roster should add this neglected Zelda hero
Danny Paez
Sure, Revali is cool but have you met Beedle?
Nintendo Switch Pro release date nears as devs report plans for 4K support
Danny Paez
The Switch might level up very soon.