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You need to play the most over-the-top action game for free on PlayStation

There are no limits in this destructive sandbox.

Open-world titles like Assassin's Creed Valhalla and Grand Theft Auto V have given players free roam of expansive virtual worlds. Gamers are encouraged to do what they want when they want how they want, which typically results in bloody mayhem.

There's one game that lets sandbox fans live out their over-the-top action-movie dreams. Best of all, this demolition derby of an adventure title will be free all December long for PlayStation Plus users.

Just Cause 4 is free with a paid PS Plus subscription until January 4, Sony announced on November 25. Members can download the game by accessing the PS Plus menu on their PS4 or PS5 and keep it even after this month-long freebie expires.

While Just Cause 4 might appear as if it were directed by Michael Bay, the 14-year-old series is the destructive brainchild of Avalanche Studios and Square Enix. Released in 2018, the latest installment of the franchise once again places gamers in the military boots of the one-man-army protagonist Rico Rodriguez, who can only be described as a cross between Missions Impossible's Ethan Hunt and Batman.

After arriving in the fictional nation of Solís to battle the private militia The Black Hand, who has control of a weather-controlling superweapon that's ruthlessly wielded by antagonist Gabriela Morales. Avalanche used this plot point to introduce extreme weather conditions like blizzards, tornadoes, and sandstorms to make Rodriguez's already death-defying adventures even more daunting.

You ever just surf on a flying car next to a tornado?

Avalanche Studios / Square Enix

Just Cause 4's story takes a backseat to Spider-Man-like stunts and Rambo-esque antics that Rodriguez can get wrapped up in across Solís' several dozen provinces. The Black Hand throws a literal army at players to try and stop them, which Rodriguez can breathlessly obliterate with his arsenal of roughly 20 guns, each with a unique secondary fair like the RG-PBA 9 Railgun that releases drones to back you up.

Rodriguez can also call on supply drops at any time that will give him access to anything from a tank to a fighter jet. But these are just the icing on top of the many tools the protagonist has at his disposal at any given moment.

You can grapple a balloon is pretty much anything.

Avalanche Studios / Square Enix

Players can eject themselves from an airplane and fly using a wingsuit. They can attach two enemy helicopters together using a super-powered retractor and watch them bob around until they explode. Just Cause 4 even added balloon grapples that can be used to lift vehicles, enemies, and most objects off the ground.

The possibilities for all sorts of mayhem are virtually limitless, particularly when the weather effects add a touch of dangerous realism to the entire experience.

So what are you waiting for? There are hours of mayhem to wreak.

Just Cause 4 is free for PS Plus subscribers until January 4.

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