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The Batman video leak reveals a radically different kind of Batmobile

Take a look, and more importantly, a listen.

The Batman is not your average Caped Crusader movie. After big-screen outings ranging from 60s camp to 90s cheese to 00s grit, director Matt Reeves looks back to a bygone era with this noir-tinged intrigue set in the beginning of Bruce Wayne's career as Batman. Everything's a bit less polished. His suit's a bit more piecemeal, his villains more rudimentary, and his iconic car isn't the sleek angular ride seen in the past. A new video from the set confirms this with a sneak peek at the classic car.

A new video leaked to Twitter by user @3yemeetseye, claims to be a glimpse of the new Batmobile as it sped along the streets of Chicago. Unfortunately, it's dark, and the footage is only six seconds long, so it's difficult to ascertain any more of the car's design than we've seen already in released photos. Check out the video below:

However, there's one aspect that is completely new: the sound. It's faint, but there's a distinct roar of a good old-fashioned American muscle. This lends credence to earlier rumors claming the new Batmobile was a modified a Dodge Charger.

It's not all throwbacks, however. The previously released images of the new Batmobile show a high-tech exposed engine in the back, awash in red light. So while the car may sound like car shows you can see every day, we'll probably still get some impressive car stunts and speed, even if it's just a prototype for the tricked-out Batmobile with weapons and gadgets galore.

The back view of the new Batmobile.

Matt Reeves via Twitter

Aside from the engine purr sure to satisfy, this quick look at the car provides a bit of fresh insight into this iteration of the Batmobile and Batman himself. When he's just starting out as Batman, it's not as likely Bruce will have as many modifications to his car, so a barely modded classic car suits him very well. Plus, if there's one kind of a car a millionaire playboy would have around, it's a muscle car.

The Inverse Analysis — A not-so-out-there Batmobile will be a refreshing change for the Batman franchise. For a hero who relies so heavily on various gadgets and gizmos, a car with no glaring bells and whistles will show a whole new side to the Dark Knight. It's just more indication this neo-noir interpretation will be all the more grounded and realistic, while still sticking with the awe and wonder of the Batman universe.

The Batman premieres in theaters on June 25, 2021.

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