Here's our stunning first look at Robert Pattinson in The Batman

Director Matt Reeves posted a sneak peek of the badass new Batsuit.

Director Matt Reeves revealed the first tantalizing glimpse of Robert Pattinson suited up in The Batman, which comes to theaters next summer. The moody, broody look of the footage, in monochrome black and red with a dramatic piano track, makes it clear that this latest outing for the Dark Knight won't go the kitchy route of the '60's and '90's-era takes on the DC Comics icon. Instead, this brand-new Batsuit radiates some serious Arkham Knight and Year One vibes.

Reeves dropped the "camera test" footage on social media in the early evening of February 13, first via Vimeo and sharing it via Twitter shortly thereafter. It's just shy of a minute long, and focuses solely on Batman himself. We don't get a full, close-up look at the whole suit, though we do get some lingering shots on certain elements, like the chest plate with the bat insignia, which appears to have some small hinged components to it. Even from this small detail, it's clear this isn't a pretty, glamorous take on the Dark Knight, like we saw in the Clooney or Kilmer cinematic outings.

Matt Reeves via Vimeo

The sharp angles of the suit also lend a cyberpunk (dare we say Cybertruck?) edge to the overall aesthetic. The suit's got a matte texture to it, with very little chrome or gloss. The bat symbol over the chest is metal, and appears to have seen some action, judging from smattering of nicks and scuffs on its surface.

Take a peep for yourself below. (If you're wondering if the video's borked and you can only hear audio, that's part of the drama! You won't see Bruce all suited up until about the ten-second mark.)

The footage loops around Batman from the front, revealing that the shoulder pauldrons also appear to be hinged to the chestplate, allowing for a greater range of movement than you might expect from a rather bulky, armored garment. Restrictive, clunky suits have long been the bane of combat choreographers on Batman movies, because historically it's been difficult to make an awesome-looking suit that's also easy to move around in. (Adam West had it easiest with his grey onesie and silky panty ensemble.)

This is in keeping with a juicy little tidbit Inverse reported on back in November, when Brazilian jiu-jitsu with Rigan Machado posted a (since-deleted) photo to Instagram that revealed he was training Pattinson in the martial art for the role. Machado also trained Keanu Reeves for the John Wick films, so suffice to say he knows how to kick an ass or twelve.

Should you be inclined to "zoom and enhance" on a trailer, as we at Inverse are wont to do, you'll notice a couple more interesting details about the upper sections of the armor. The cowl appears to be constructed from leather, as there's stitching over the cheek and to add contour to where the "eyebrows" would be. (Notice how well they catch the light? That's some good leatherwork right there!) While it's difficult to tell from this footage, it does appear as though Pattinson has something over his eyes, perhaps a filter or something that allows for night vision. We can see what appears to be the whites of the actor's eyes once we brighten the image, though it does seem there is some inset, translucent material that partially covers the eye area.

Matt Reeves via Vimeo

The Batman comes to theaters June 25, 2021.

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