This Camper Mod Turns Any EV Truck Into a Heated Glamping Paradise

Plus, it can be set up in minutes.

There’s nothing wrong with camping in comfort. Anyone who says otherwise is just a masochist.

To indulge in the idea of glamping, Camp365 made a fold-out camper mod, called “T Model,” that sits on the bed of your EV pickup truck and can stow away when you don’t need it. When it is set up, you get the luxury of heating or air conditioning, Starlink internet access, and all the other basic creature comforts to make camping feel more like home.

On top of its modular design, the T Model is designed to fit any truck whether that’s the upcoming Tesla Cybertruck, Ford F-150 Lightning, or the Rivian R1T. While some camper mods are designed specifically for Tesla’s controversial pickup truck, it was a good call from Camp365 to make its T Model work with any EV pickup since we don’t know when Cybertrucks will be readily available. (Early vehicles are supposedly coming at a “delivery event” on November 30).

When folded down, the T Model can make enough space to bikes or kayaks.



Since it was designed to suit EV pickup trucks, Camp365 says the T Model weighs around 700 to 800 pounds and has an aerodynamic range that will only reduce range up to 10 percent. When folded up, it’s only four feet wide and can be easily detached from your truck and left in the garage.

Thanks to Camp365’s patented lift assist tech, you only need one person to set it up and take it down in a matter of minutes. Once expanded, the interior cabin has 63 square feet in a nine-by-seven foot setup. The T model’s interiors are modular so you can set it up with a nice cozy queen-size bed and an office desk, or go full-on family mode with a ton of sleeping arrangements like bunk beds and twin-size beds. Hardcore campers might stick their nose up at you, but hey, they won’t be tucking into a queen bed inside a heated room at night.

This is a nicer setup than some peoples’ apartments.


The T Model still has all the amenities you’d expect from a luxury camper, like a hot water shower, sink, faucet, portable toilet, induction stovetop, and a 24-gallon water tank that you can split into fresh and gray water. Where Camp365 goes above and beyond is the Starlink internet compatibility, heating and AC, and dual-layer air gap insulation walls that can withstand those winter camping trips.


You can reserve a T Model on the Camp365 website already for a fully refundable $100 reservation, but the full cost is $25,000. We agree that it’s a costly addition to whatever EV pickup you’re throwing this onto. Still, it’s more affordable than some of the other premium options we’ve found, like this SpaceCampers’ mod that’s specific to the Cybertruck or this ultra-luxurious trailer camper. Camp365 says it will start production on the T Model by the summer of 2024.

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