This camper mod turns your future Cybertruck into a glamping machine

We're still waiting for the Cybertruck to hit the market, but you can still reserve the Space Campers mod now.

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Space Campers mod for Tesla Cybertruck
Space Campers

The Tesla Cybertruck may not be out yet, but we already have the option to transform it into the ultimate home-on-wheels. Space Campers previewed its camper mod for the Cybertruck that attaches to the truck bed and can be quickly reconfigured as a sleeping space, kitchen, workspace, or bathroom.

From what we know about the Cybertruck so far, it will include a 6.5-foot truck bed with 100 cubic feet of cargo volume. This Space Campers mod adds more space in the back, giving you 8 feet of standing room at its highest point. This mod may be fairly niche since it’s targeted specifically to future Cybertruck owners looking for a modular van-dwelling attachment. It’s still an impressive mod that adds a ton of options to a vehicle that’s already expected to be versatile.

The sleeping setup for the Space Campers mod can fit two.

Space Campers

A modular marvel — The Cybertruck is already expected to comfortably seat six passengers, but with the Space Campers mod, you can also sleep two in the Murphy-style bed attachment. The four-inch memory foam mattress can be stowed away and you can convert the mattress extensions into a bench or table for a workspace.

The Space Campers mod includes four 110V outlets, several USB ports, and connections for both 12V/24V so you can design it as a true living space. Space Campers also designed the mod with an exhaust vent to let moisture escape when cooking or taking a shower, an adjustable awning, an adjustable backrest for the Murphy bed, routing pathways to hide wires, and wall storage.

Quickly convert the Space Campers’ mod into a kitchen.

Space Campers

While the mattress setup comes default, there are a bunch of accessory kits that convert the truck bed mod into whatever you need. Space Campers’ accessory kits can convert the Cybertruck bed into a full camp kitchen, a shower and bathroom, an insulated and more comfortable living space, an off-the-grid option with solar panels and roof racks, or a back rack that extends the tailgate.

The Space Campers mod may seem a little much for people looking to just use their Cybertruck as a work vehicle or daily driver, but there are a handful of brave souls who are already living in Tesla vehicles. This mod would only make the Cybertruck a true home-on-wheels.

Transform your sleeping space into a workspace.

Space Campers

Expensive extension — On top of the roughly $40,000 starting price for the Cybertruck, the Space Campers’ mod starts at $24,000. That price doesn’t include any of the accessory kits and upgrades, making this a costly van life option.

Space Campers says it will release its mod when Tesla puts the Cybertruck to market, where customers would receive the kit within two months of receiving their Cybertruck. The Space Camper mod comes in black to match the Cybertruck’s matte black look, but you can upgrade to a stainless steel armor that offers more durability and heat shielding for an extra $4,000.

The Space Campers mod reaches eight feet of standing room at its tallest point and six feet at its low side.

Space Campers

We may be waiting a while for the Cybertruck since it’s been delayed until 2023. In the meantime, you can configure your Space Campers mod so your Cybertruck will eventually be ready for van life.

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