Silent Hill leaks hint at a PS5 reboot — but there's one major catch

The reboot is reportedly on its way, but one key part of the development could disappoint fans.

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Sony Interactive Entertainment has fostered a legion of unwavering PlayStation 4 fans with an epic lineup of exclusive games like God of War and Horizons Zero Dawn. Gamers will be expecting yet another hard-hitting roster of exclusives when the PlayStation 5 launches late in 2020, and recent leaks claim the PS5 lineup will include a reboot of the iconic horror series Silent Hill.

But there’s one catch that might prematurely disappoint fans of the franchise.

Trusted games leaker Dusk Golem tweeted Wednesday night that Konami’s reported PS5 relaunch of Silent Hill in partnership with SIE Japan will not involve the revival of Hideo Kojima’s Silent Hills. However, the companies have allegedly reunited many of the creative minds that helped make the series so popular in the late '90s and early '00s.

As a reminder, the last major installment of the series — Silent Hill: Downpour — was released in 2012. Kojima then announced that he was taking over the Konami-owned franchise with the 2014 release of P.T., an extremely popular demo of what was eventually supposed to be a full-length game titled Silent Hills.

'Death Stranding' designer Hideo Kojima will reportedly not be involved with the rumored 'Silent Hill' reboot.

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But after Kojima’s public falling out with Konami, plans for Silent Hills were scrapped and remain dead to this day, according to Dusk Golem. But the leaker reassured fans that Konami and SIE Japan are cooking up a “soft reboot” of the series that won’t have anything to do with Kojima’s take on the game. It will bring back Silent Hill after nearly a decade of being dormant.

Here’s the full rundown of details Dusk Golem tweeted out:

It is developed by Sony Japan Studios and will be [a] PS5 exclusive.
[Original Silent Hill director and writer Keiichiro] Toyama is directing, [original Silent Hill composer] Akira Yaomoka is composing, [original Silent Hill illustrator] Masahiro Ito is doing art, various Siren [and] Gravity Rush devs and some others working on it.
This has nothing to do with Kojima or Silent Hills, that probably is not happening.
Sony is NOT buying IPs, that’s bullshit.
The game is NOT a remake, it is a soft reboot, made so it can be someone's first Silent Hill game.
The game is playable & has a demo that will be shown around after reveal.

After nearly a decade, gamers might get a new 'Silent Hill' demo soon.


The Inverse Analysis — While Dusk Golem didn’t explicitly say when gamers should expect an announcement for the Silent Hill revival, past leaks and recent news about Sony’s PS5 plans could provide some clues.

Dusk Golem previously tweeted that development for the reboot had started a year ago under Ito’s leadership, and this tip was then corroborated by horror-game focused publication Rely on Horror. Dusk Golem now claims that Konami and SIE Japan have a demo ready to go, which could be live-streamed — or even released — very soon.

Sony is reportedly planning on hosting a PS5 reveal event in June where the company will be expected to showcase what the console will look like and potentially some exclusive game teasers. This could include an announcement of Silent Hill if the game is as far along as Dusk Golem claims.

Sony has teased only a few PS5 launch titles, so the rebirth of Silent Hills could create some hype for the console’s launch during the 2020 holiday season.

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