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New leak might reveal when Sony will announce the PS5 release date

Mark your calendars.

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The PlayStation 5 has been kept under wraps ever since Sony teased the next-generation console in April 2019, but a new leak claims that the company has plans to announce the PS5's release date very soon. But when?

On Tuesday, gaming journalist Jeffrey Grubb casually told users on the gaming forum ResetEra that Sony is planning to reveal the PS5 on Thursday, June 4. This announcement schedule has not been confirmed by Sony, but with only months left before the console is slated to hit shelves, the clock is ticking. It's time for the company to show gamers the hardware it's been teasing for more than a year now. To date, we still don't know what the console even looks like, and with an estimated launch only about six months away, the time is nigh.

Grubb didn’t state any sources for this claim or what the "reveal event" would entail, but he did accurately predict that Nintendo would host a Direct presentation in March. In terms of various leaks and other insider information, he has a positive track record, but keep in mind that with the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, there could be unforeseen game industry delays.

Jeffery Glubb's comment on ResetEra that got PlayStation fans riled up for a June 4 PS5 reveal.


This news comes as a glimmer of hope to PlayStation fans who have received less than reassuring news about the console throughout most of 2020. Most recently, an April Bloomberg report stated that Sony will produce a “limited” supply of PS5 units, and a previous report revealed that its price could reach beyond $500.

To make things rockier, Naughty Dog’s greatly anticipated PlayStation exclusive, The Last of Us Part 2 was marred by another delay due to Covid-19. Major plot points of the game were subsequently leaked online, spoiling a majority of the story for many fans. TLOU2 was then given a June 26 release date after the leaks. It's now on track to become one of the biggest releases within the PS4’s lifespan.

June 4 will be Sony’s time to rally its fans and create some excitement around the PS5, which it’s in desperate need of.

Sony showed the world the PS5's DualSense controller, but when will it reveal the console itself?

Sony Interactive Entertainment

The Inverse Analysis — So far, Sony has only showed gamers the PS5’s DualSense controller, which will come with a handful of futuristic (and head-scratching) features. But its biggest console competitor, Microsoft, has already pulled the curtain back on its upcoming Xbox Series X and rumor has it that they might launch a second, cheaper console to boot.

In terms of the console war's marketing showdown against Microsoft, Sony has been losing. That’s a precarious place to be for the company. The PS4 dominated the Xbox One in terms of console sales numbers, but Sony is definitely losing the next-gen battle so far. Sony needs to reveal the console design, price, and release date — preferably before Microsoft does for the Xbox Series X — if it wants to take the lead and preserve the PlayStation's dominance.

Sony’s momentum has slowed down during this generational transition, but June 4 could be the chance get PlayStation fans excited for the next-generation console.

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