PS5 DualSense controller teases a richer next-gen experience

It's a little odd-looking and probably not cheap.

Sony has finally revealed the new PS5 controller after revealing hardware specs in March. It incorporates some intriguing new features and drops the DualShock moniker of all previous PlayStation controllers, shifting to DualSense. It looks dramatically different from its predecessor – it's lighter, brighter, and a little clunkier than many expected.

Hideaki Nashino, PlayStation's Senior VP of Platform Planning and Management, revealed the DualSense on PlayStation Blog Tuesday. As PlayStation teased in 2019, the controller will feature haptic feedback and adaptive triggers so players get a better sense of touch and feel when playing a game. "We concluded that the sense of touch within gameplay, much like audio, hasn’t been a big focus for many games," Nashino says.

The PS5's controller will be called DualSense instead of DualShock 5

"We had a great opportunity with PS5 to innovate by offering game creators the ability to explore how they can heighten that feeling of immersion through our new controller. This is why we adopted haptic feedback, which adds a variety of powerful sensations you’ll feel when you play, such as the slow grittiness of driving a car through mud," Nashino elaborates.

The Share button has been dropped in favor of a "Create" button that Sony will detail at a later date, and it will feature a built-in microphone that can be used in games or to talk with friends on PS5 without a headset.

The DualSense has a markedly different color scheme from most Sony controllers, with the primary color being white with hints of blue and black, and the lightbar is now located on the sides of the touchpad. The controller makes some big changes from the typical Sony controller design, which is why it has been deemed the DualSense controller instead of the DualShock 5.

"The new controller, along with the many innovative features in PS5, will be transformative for games – continuing our mission at PlayStation to push the boundaries of play, now and in the future," Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO Jim Ryan added. "To the PlayStation community, I truly want to thank you for sharing this exciting journey with us as we head toward PS5’s launch in Holiday 2020. We look forward to sharing more information about PS5, including the console design, in the coming months," he continued, confirming that Sony still plans to release PS5 this year and that we will see more of it soon.

The Inverse Analysis: After seeing several fan designs over the past few months, we now have a better idea of what to expect from Sony's next controller. The DualSense packs in a lot of fascinating new technology, making it the more innovative of the two next-gen controllers. Still, these early images of DualSense appear bulk and cumbersome. All that new technology probably doesn't come cheap, either.

The DualShock 4 remains outstanding, and we aren't sure how the DualSense will stack up. Perhaps it's more nimble than it looks, but there's a very good chance we won't know until the PS5 launch.

PS5 will ship in late 2020.

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