PS5 concept design shows another way Sony can beat the Xbox Series X

This fan-created design for the console and box art could showcase how the real-deal will look.

The PlayStation 5 is still supposed to launch later in 2020 before the holiday season despite the delay of titles like The Last of Us Part II and Iron Man VR. Sony still hasn't revealed anything else about the console itself. While Microsoft has shared quite a bit about the Xbox Series X's design and even teased its price, Sony has only focused on technical details of the PS5's SSD, GPU, and audio. We still don't have a release date, price, or even an image of what the final console will look like. This has caused fans to take matters into their own hands and create their own PS5 design. In particular, one slick fan-created design would be a shocking departure from what we expect from Sony's upcoming console.

German site LetsGoDigital partnered with Snoreyn for the render and it's one of the most realistic ones we've seen so far. While many PS5 concept designs utilize weird shapes, with one idea even being inspired by the Nintendo GameCube, but this is the most plausible concept design yet.

Check it out below:

A conceptualized packaging for the PS5.

This design takes obvious inspiration from the PS4 Pro. As the PS5 is going to be even more powerful, it'd make sense if its design was influenced by PS4 Pro. It also has that sleek look that helps the PS4 stand out from the Nintendo Switch and Xbox One, which is another aspect of the PS4's design that Sony is likely to carry over in the next generation of hardware. The Xbox Series X looks like a boxy monolith, and this aesthetic is very different.

Most PS5 designs tend to make the system look chunkier and larger than previous Sony consoles because of the Xbox Series X's large size. Considering the amount of impressive tech that will have to be squeezed into each console, larger sizes seem inevitable for both. This concept, if even remotely accurate, would be surprising. Sony's specs might seem worse than the Series X's at face value, but it might also allow for a sleeker, cooler-looking PS5.

As you can see in this unofficial render, LetsGoDigital also takes a stab at predicting what the PS5's packaging will look like. The final product will probably have a lot more blue on it (based on what we've seen from previous generations), this is a solid concept that makes good use of the PS5 logo and classic PlayStation shapes.

LetsGo Digital and Snoreyn also collaborate on a concept design for the PS5 controller, which can be seen in that packaging image above. It follows previous leaks that suggest that the DualShock 5 will be quite similar to the PS4's DualShock 4 outside the addition of a microphone.

If the final DualShock 5 design looks anything like the one conceptualized in the video, it could be one of the best-feeling controllers on the market.

The Inverse Analysis Overall, this may be one of the best PS5 concepts released by LetsGoDigital thus far. While we won't know how accurate it is until the PS5 is actually shown off in full by Sony, it honors the console lines roots in a distinct way and even gave a good stab at what the packaging will look like.

Just reveal the PS5 already Sony!

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