The Abstract Podcast

Inside the movement revolutionizing gaming culture

In this episode, we discuss the brewing social issues plaguing the gaming community.


The competitive Super Smash Bros. scene needs to grow up, or disappear

"We have to make it very clear that this is not a safe space to be an abuser.”


League of Legends Spirit Blossom Festival merges MOBAs with visual novels

League of Legends is incorporating more narratives into the MOBA experience.

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How to unlock competitive ranked mode in Valorant

Looking to become a competitor in Valorant? Here's what you'l have to do first.

X Factor

'Fortnite' 12.40 update data-mine leaks X-Force skins for Deadpool and more

A new Fortnite leak has revealed that skins based on the X-Force will come to the game in the wake of Deadpool.

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Accessing the Valorant Closed Beta just got a lot easier — Here's how

Accessing Riot Games' Valorant closed beta has been tricky for casual gamers, but access just became much easier.


3 ways to fix Valorant's pesky Error 7 messages

The closed Beta is in full swing, but so are the performance issues.