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Everything we know about Apex Legends Season 8, from start date to Fuse

Things are looking explosive in King's Canyon.

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Apex Legends is due for a bit of mayhem to celebrate its two-year anniversary. Season 7 added a new map, character, and mechanics. The expectations are high for Season 8 as fans patiently wait to see what’s next.

While there is still some time left to go in Season 7, details about Season 8 are already here. The game’s developers have mentioned different updates and cosmetics that might be making their way into season eight later this winter, but we've also already seen the typical "Stories From the Outlands" character trailer and the Season 8 launch trailer. So between all of that and more details, here’s everything we know about Apex Legends Season 8 so far.

When is the Apex Legends Season 7 end date?

Based on the in-game countdown located in the Battle Pass tab on the lobby menu, Apex Legends Season 7 will end on February 2, 2021.

Airdrop Escalation is a new limited-time mode in 2021.

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When is the Apex Legends Season 8 start date?

Season 8 will pick up immediately after the end of Season 7 on February 2, 2021.

It’s worth noting that the game will celebrate its anniversary on February 4, and Respawn usually tends to roll out updates to celebrate such milestones.

Is there an Apex Legends Season 8 launch trailer?

Yes! Respawn released a launch trailer for Season 8 on January 21. As is tradition, the launch trailer focuses almost entirely on the brand-new Legend joining the Apex Games in the new season: Fuse.

The trailer opens with Fuse, a tough-looking celebrity with an Australian accent, a shock of white in his hair, an eye patch, and a prosthetic right arm. During some kind of epic promotional event at King's Canyon, someone called Maggie hijacks the performance, destroys his massive ship, and seemingly kills a lot of innocent bystanders.

At the end of it all, Fuse is left with no choice but to enter the fray.

What is the Apex Legends Season 8 theme?

Respawn announced on January 18 that the explosive Season 8 theme would be "Mayhem." To spice things up, the season's tag line is "Time to bring the boom."

Who is the new Apex Legends Season 8 character?

"Fuse doesn’t lack confidence, but he often lacks a plan," an official description for the new Apex Legends character reads. "He’s a blow-up-first ask-questions-later kinda guy."

Fuse — real name Walter Fitzroy — comes from Salvo, a planet in the fringe worlds that recently came under new leadership and joined the Syndicate (the ruling body in the Outlands of space that also runs the Apex Games). Which explains how and why he came to throw a bombastic promotional event.

Respawn released the Fuse-focused Stories from the Outlands video titled “Good as Gold" on January 18, 2021. In it, we see him growing up on a chaotic world with a female companion named Maggie (the same person from the launch trailer). As children, they find a shiny golden grenade left by some freedom fighters that they spend years fighting over as roughnecks brawling in fighter pits and in bars. But after Salvo joins the Syndicate, Fuse decides to enlist in the Apex Games. Max protests, and after all those years, the grenade finally explodes, blasting Fuse's arm off in the process.

Will there be any Apex Legends Season 8 map changes?

As shown in the Season 8 launch trailer, there are quite a few massive explosions that shake-up King's Canyon. Respawn calls it "the iconic map's third major overhaul." And based on the trailer, it looks like the game's oldest map may look like a fiery wasteland for the foreseeable future.

What else is rumored for Apex Legends Season 8?

Respawn has already confirmed that the new season will introduce a 30-30 Repeater lever-action rifle straight from Salvo, which "picks apart the opposition with hard-hitting rounds." The description might be a bit generic, so we'll have to wait and see how powerful the weapon truly is.

As for the rumors and leaks, Apex Legends design director Jason McCord has previously implied that damage tracking will be included in the new season. The much-requested quality-of-life improvement would allow players to finally see how much damage they dished out in a round.

McCord also teased a new Bloodhound skydive emote, which he says is likely coming in either the next season or event.

What You Shouldn’t Expect

While we don’t know exactly what’ll be in Season 8, it’s important to keep some expectations in check. While Season 7 introduced the new map Olympus, we won't be getting another new map anytime soon — especially since King's Canyon is getting such an overhaul. Respawn tends to space maps out, so it doesn’t seem like a new one would come to the game for another few seasons.

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