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Everything we know about Apex Legends Season 7, from start date to Horizon

Big changes are coming.

apex legends season 7
EA / Respawn Entertainment

The splashy Apex Legends Season 6 may have introduced us to Rampart, along with an overhaul to armor and a new crafting system. But the upcoming Season 7 will shake things up even further with another new legend, a new map, a vehicle, and even a new clan system called "Clubs."

For anyone looking for more info about all this and more, you've come to the right place. Here's everything we know about Apex Legends Season 7.

When is the Apex Legends Season 6 end date?

Based on the in-game countdown located in the Battle Pass tab on the lobby menu, Apex Legends Season 6 will end on November 4, 2020.

When is the Apex Legends Season 7 start date?

According to official materials, Apex Legends Season 7 will launch the same day that the current season ends: November 4, 2020.

Is there an Apex Legends Season 7 launch trailer?

The Apex Legends Season 7 launch trailer debuted on October 28, and it seems to feature the same rocket launch from the Season 6 trailer.

Mirage is taking a selfie video with the launch in the background when his squadmate Rampart comes up. The two banter for a bit before running towards a dropship in the distances. After they realize neither can fly it, Pathfinder shows up piloting a different ship. The three of them trace the jump signature of the other ship and follow it to a new destination.

It's some kind of floating city. After defense canons disable the ship, Mirage makes a hasty landing on a lush paradise. Pathfinder arrives with the season's new character, Horizon, aboard a new ridable vehicle. They fight against a few different squads before Horizon flies their vehicle directly into another one. Along the way, she showcases some of her abilities.

The trailer ends with her ultimate: She creates a black hole that sucks the entire enemy squad in.

What is the Apex Legends Season 7 theme?

The Season 7 launch trailer confirms that the new season's theme is "Ascension."

Who is the new legend Horizon in Apex Legends Season 7?

Horizon's "Stories from the Outlands" lore video is heartbreaking.

Horizon might be a chipper badass in the trailer, she's actually a Scottish astrophysicist with a tragic backstory. The events were chronicled in the October 26 "Stories from the Outlands" trailer (featured above), but Horizon was searching for crystals that might help. But her scientific partner betrayed her.

Here's an official description:

With her home planet Olympus in the midst of an energy crisis, Horizon and her robotic companion, N.E.W.T., venture to far away lands in search of crystals that can save it. Leaving behind her son for this journey, Horizon ventures into the unknown comforted by the fact that it will save her family and home. With a betrayal preventing the happy ending to her journey, Horizon finds herself home but lost in time as she fights to return to her son.

So Horizon is lost in time and desperate to figure out a way to return to her son, and it seems like the Apex Games will offer her a chance to do just that. "Horizon is entering the Games to earn enough money to find a way to travel back in time and be with her son," other official text reads. "Fortunately she’s developed some powerful gravity-altering tech to help her along the way."

In a somewhat odd way, she seems like Moira from Overwatch with a backstory similar to Tracer and a toolkit like Sigma.

Her passive ability Spacewalk gives her increased air control and reduces fall impact, so rather than taking a hit to momentum when she falls longer distances, she retains increased molibility.

Her active ability Gravity Lift is a deployable pad that reverses the flow of gravity, effectively pushing players upwards and boosting them as they exit the flow. It'll function fairly similar to Octane's jump pad. Her ultimate Black Hole (as seen in the trailer) creates a singularity that sucks enemies towards it, allowing for her squad to concentrate fire on the bunched-up enemies.

Horizon's voice actor is Elle Newlands.

What is the Olympus Apex Legends Season 7 map?

Olympus is a beautiful city in the clouds that's incredibly lush compared to the barren landscapes of previous maps.

EA / Respawn Entertainment

Olympus is a lush new map that's essentially a floating city in the sky on the planet of Psamathe. It's also Lifeline and Octane's hometown and was previously featured in the Season 4 trailer back in January. There are plenty of trees and patches of grass, which is a stark change from other Apex Legends environments.

During a preview event attended by press and streamers, developers revealed that Olympus is larger than King's Canyon but smaller than World's Edge.

Here's the official word from EA and Respawn:

Players will traverse a lush artificial terrain full of beautiful and treacherous landscapes. Clean, slick highways connect upscale shopping centers, industrial docks, and lavish estates. An imposing artificial mountain hides a massive turbine overlooking the planet Psamathe below. Phase Runners teleport players to new locations, or they can hop on the new floating “Trident” vehicles to cover ground fast! From the seedy underbelly of Energy Depot to the glistening Bonsai Plaza, Olympus will give players new experiences, new environments, and new ways to challenge their Apex Legends skills

How do vehicles work in Apex Legends Season 7?

The Trident hovercar is a real game-changer.

EA / Respawn Entertainment

The Trident Hovercar is a new vehicle built for use by three-person squads. One person can drive while the other two use their weapons from either side. They cannot be destroyed — unless you drive them off the edge of the map. It's also impossible to deal damage to enemy players by running them over.

One piece of the launch trailer makes it seem like Pathfinder can use his grappling ability to perform epic maneuvers, and it seems like tactics like that will be possible in Season 7, based on official information from EA and Respawn:

The Trident is a three-seater hover vehicle that players can find all throughout the outskirts of Olympus. Getting around the map will be easier and quicker than ever before, with a boost ability to get over obstacles and fly off jump ramps. The Trident offers powerful new tactical options for various Legend abilities — Rampart’s minigun or Caustic’s barrels can be deployed in the back to wreak havoc.

How do Clubs work in Apex Legends Season 7?

Clubs are a brand-new feature coming to Apex Legends in Season 7 that will function similar to clans or guilds in other games.

Anyone will be able to create or search for a clan of up to 30 players in a new tab on the game's menu, which will make it easier to squad up with familiar allies for more competitive play. Players will only be able to participate in one club at a time.

Club leaders can even design logos to represent their clubs. The feature will unlock for any player at level 10.

Apex Legends Season 7 will launch on November 4, 2020.

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