'Rick and Morty' Gets a DC Pop-Up Bar: Must Be Over 21, Have High IQ

This bar is chock full of awesome fan servicey in-jokes.

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There’s a real-life Rick and Morty pop-up bar hitting Washington, DC next week, and though people don’t actually need a high IQ to enter, only real Rick and Morty fans will appreciate this meme-based joke and the many references to the show in the bar.

Washingtonian magazine announced Thursday in a lengthy article that Washington, DC-based Drink Company will open a Rick and Morty-themed pop-up bar August 16 aptly called “Wubba Lubba Dub PUB.”

This isn’t the first Rick and Morty pop-up bar to, well, pop up. While the Rickmobile has traveled the country over the past year, it’s brought with it plenty of theme nights at local bars, like when the New York City Barcade has a theme night when the Rickmobile visited in May 2017. But Wubba Lubba Dub PUB seems like a thorough-AF themed experience full of deep cut references from the show that will probably sate even the most rabid Rick and Morty fans.

Morty flirts with a girl in "Rest and Ricklaxation."

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Better yet? The entire space takes up three separate bars, each themed to a different dimension from the show.

Check out the description of the special entrance for anyone dressed as Rick:

“Costumed Ricks will enter into the family’s garage-turned-lab outfitted with an old washer and dryer plus shelves of scientific equipment. On the ceiling, you’ll find “real fake doors” and “plumbus” advertised on inter-dimensional cable (a cable box Rick invented to access TV shows in every dimension).”

This could be you.

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One space has a bunch of giant Meeseeks standing behind the bar (here’s to hoping the bartenders also dress as Meeseeks and shout in shrill voices). Another bar has “a golden podium for the Council of Ricks” with space on the other side for Mortys.

Campaign Manager Morty in "Tales From the Citadel".

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Here’s where the deeper cuts come in: There’s an area for the Cygnus-5 expanse!

That’s where the giant Cromulon heads are from, the ones that force Earth into an intergalactic musical reality TV show in “Get Schwifty.” There’s no karaoke allowed here, but one giant animatronic Cromulon does shout phrases from the episode like, “Show me what you got!”

Cromulons invade Earth in the 'Rick and Morty' Season 2 episode "Get Schwifty."

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The third and final bar is decked out like Anatomy Park, a microscopic amusement park inside the body of an old man named Ruben. Rick’s beloved Pirates of the Pancreas ride is there, as is a giant ceiling mural of naked Ruben:

RIP Ruben. At least he lives on in mural form at this pop-up bar.

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In the back of that section, there’s supposedly also a Mega Tree farm, which references the very first episode of Rick and Morty ever, and even a life-sized replica of Rick’s iconic Space Cruiser.

Perhaps most exciting are the many themed drinks offered at Wubba Lubba Dub PUB. I’ve had plenty of Rick and Morty adult beverages in my life, and they’ve all been pretty terrible. In the pursuit of bright colors, bartenders often overuse syrups, dies, and/or blue curacao or midori to get blue or green colors that really pop. But these Wubba Lubba Dub PUB drinks sound totally legit.

The Meeseeks-inspired “Existence is Pain” consists of gin, vermouth, blue curacao, coconut water, lemon, and absinthe. It’s “based on something you might want to drink while playing golf with the Meeseeks” and has the exact same shade of blue as the delightful creatures.

This Meeseeks got totally wasted on his own drink.

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Another bright red drink called “Morty’s Mind Blower” takes after a Season 3 episode called “Morty’s Mind Blowers” in which we learn that Rick often wipes Morty’s memory of traumatic events. Erased memories in which Morty is angry are the same shade of red. But instead of memory juice, the cocktail is rosé, strawberry Campari, blanc vermouth, and sparkling water served in a flute.

In "Morty's Mind Blowers" each color represents a different emotion experienced in a forgotten memory.

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Other beverages include Pickle Rick Back pickleback shots served in small beakers and whiskey cocktail with fortified apple named after Mr. Poopybutthole — and served in a poop emoji glass.

All things considered, this pop-up bar sounds like a totally thorough litany of in-jokes with Rick and Morty fans, so I might just have to make a road trip down to DC before it closes in the fall.

Wubba Lubba Dub PUB opens on August 16 and will close on October 6. Visitors can find it at 1839 7th St., NW.

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