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Beer might actually improve gut health, study finds

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Why is red wine the healthy one? A doctor debunks this popular myth

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Hangover cure: Scientist debunks a popular drinking myth

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Study hints at why some people drink alcohol even though it will hurt them

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Bartesian is the Nespresso of cocktails — but better

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Science debunks a deadly summer food myth

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The most dystopian chemical on Earth has met its match


Why so many men have alcohol-related cancer


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Who drinks the most alcohol? Study reveals the effect of work and gender

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How to stop blacking out while drinking: 4 tips

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5 benefits of Dry January that last all year

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Hangover cures: How to speed up your recovery period

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Scientists took an overlooked process and created a quicker way to sober up

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Sirtfood Diet: Nutritionists have a warning about the new diet trend

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Your brain on alcohol

Even moderate drinking proves to have damaging effects on the brain — study

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Brain discovery could change the way we treat alcohol dependence forever


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Hormones may make men and women experience alcohol differently

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Should you drink a "quarantini"? A registered dietician explains


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How to: The science of making your own hand sanitizer

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Coronavirus: How to wash your hands properly, according to an infectious disease expert

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The best alcohol to drink on a diet, according to science


2 beers and a little science can make a slammable chicken

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Alcohol and the brain: Scientists quantify how much a gram ages the mind

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Wine could be climate change's next big victim, study suggests

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Heavy drinking can cause a cancer linked to cigarette smoking -- study

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Dry January: The science-backed guide to actually completing it

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Hangovers, hangxiety, and blackouts: drinking myths debunked

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5 reasons why we overeat

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Why it's hard to keep holiday drinking in check for so many people