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Everything we know about Oktoberfest: Beer and Blood Season 2

What's next for the German chiller?

Netflix's slate of Halloween content hasn't been entirely restricted to horror movies. The streaming service has also imported the German series Oktoberfest: Beer and Blood, which was timely in an entirely different way. It chronicles the 1900 Oktoberfest and through the lens of one man's quest to completely change the game, no matter the cost. It's the perfect fall show with just enough scares to make it spooky, but with only six episodes, is there more on the horizon?

Here's everything we know about Oktoberfest: Beer and Blood Season 2.

Is Oktoberfest: Beer and Blood renewed for Season 2?

This question is more complicated than it seems. Oktoberfest: Beer and Blood originally aired on German television under the title Oktoberfest: 1900, and Netflix bought the international distribution rights, meaning they can bring it to countries like the US as a Netflix original. So while it's a streaming-only production stateside, in Germany it aired on the channel Das Erste.

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While Netflix hasn't renewed the series for a second season, the renewal could actually come from Das Erste, with Netflix distributing to subscribers globally. However, the series creators have already thought about where they'd like the series to go in a second season.

“We have a couple of huge conflicts left unsolved,” head writer Ronny Schalk told Inverse.

Is there a release date for Oktoberfest: Beer and Blood Season 2?

Curt Prank in his Oktoberfest tent.Netflix

There isn't a release date as of yet, but if Netflix wants to cash in on the same novelty surrounding the first season, the clue's in the name. An October 2021 release makes perfect sense, it's just a matter of if the timeline will work, considering the Covid-19 restrictions still in place surrounding filming. It's easy to see how a show centered around an event involving large drunken gatherings of people may prove an issue to film.

Is there a trailer for Oktoberfest: Beer and Blood Season 2?

The crowd on the Wiesn in 'Oktoberfest: Beer and Blood' Season 1.Netflix

Unfortunately, there's no trailer, but going from what we've seen in the series so far you can be sure to expect the same gritty underworld of Munich to be on full display. If you're looking for more German intrigue, however, be sure to watch (or rewatch!) Dark, as the two shows share a writer.

What will happen in Oktoberfest: Beer and Blood Season 2?

Oktoberfest head writer Ronny Schalk and director Hannu Salonen tell Inverse a possible Season 2 would include the reaping of consequences for many characters, as well as the exploration of topics only poked at in the first season.

“Prank kicked something off and he doesn't really know what it triggered," Schalk explains. "It’s like Dostoyevsky says: ‘The brighter the stars, the darker the night, and the deeper the grief.’”

The first season of Oktoberfest: Beer and Blood is now streaming on Netflix.