3 Stunning Features That May Be Coming to the Next Suite of iPhones

New iPhone season is almost here.

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With Apple’s September iPhone keynote quickly approaching, rumors regarding the company’s upcoming handsets are coming in hotter by the day. The trustworthiness definitely falls on a range, from analysts with connections in the company’s supply chain to sketchier leaks.

Amidst the chatter and contradictions, it can be difficult to paint a picture of what, exactly, this year’s iPhone releases will look like.

Most speculators have come to the consensus that two premium OLED models and one discount LCD version will make a debut come this fall. The higher-end phones will be 5.8 and 6.5-inches while the budget device will come in at 6.1-inches.

During Apple’s second-quarter earnings call, CEO Tim Cook touted the success of the iPhone X and dropped hints that this year’s smartphone cycle will mirror that of 2017. This has led many to believe that upcoming iPhones will all come with iPhone X features and silhouette. Here are some of the other new features Apple fans in the market for a new phone can feel relatively safe rooting for.

This year's rumored iPhones compared to 2017's releases.


iPhone 2018 Leaks: Face ID For All

This year might be the year when Face ID completely overtakes Touch ID. Earlier in the year, The Investor and ET News reported that Apple was vastly growing its stockpile of 3D sensing modules, a crucial component of the TrueDepth camera system that enables Face ID. The Investor claimed Apple was investing $820.9 million in LG Innotek to secure more of its modules, while ET News reported that the company added three more Chinese firms to its list of suppliers.

Analysts at investment bank Barclays believe this could be a sign that the iPhone X’s successor could come with a TrueDepth system that has “evolved slightly”. This could mean that the 5.8-inch iPhone could come with a slightly smaller notch.

Everything that is packed into an iPhone X's notch.

The biggest question was whether or not the rumored budget iPhone would also come with facial recognition tech. It’s probably not out of the question: An Economic Daily News report alleged the 6.1-inch phone would ditch the iPhone X’s dual-rear cameras and OLED screen to cut costs in favor of bringing face recognition to a wider market.

iPhone 2018 Leaks: Edge-to-Edge Screens All Around

Numerous leaks, renders, and dummies of these three future handsets have shown them all to have edge-to-edge displays just like the iPhone X.

Smartphone leaker Ben Geskin recently tweeted out a photo that showed three iPhone screen protectors, all with notches and thin bezels.

This would seem to line up with Cook’s sentiment towards the iPhone X design. If it is the “best-selling smartphone in the world” then it seems likely that Apple would continue using the same aesthetic as opposed to reverting or starting from scratch.

iPhone 2018 Leaks: All New Color Palettes

Last but not least, this year’s iPhone release might be more colorful than ever before. There are two predictions as to what color options Apple will include, both from pretty reputable sources. Two of the major analysts who have issued guidance on the colors Ming-Chi Kuo and Jun Zhang are both considered to be plugged in to Apple’s supply chain.

Potential 2018 iPhone colors.

Ming believes upcoming models will come ins six distinct colors: gold, gray, white, blue, red, and orange. While Zhang claims they’ll be coming in: white, black, “Flash Yellow,” “Bright Orange,” “Electric Blue,” and taupe.

The latter prediction conspicuously left out red. This makes sense as Apple has made it a habit of releasing a mid-year Product Red special edition instead of releasing it right off the bat.

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