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Year In Games 2021 is an Inverse celebration of the most unforgettable adventures, stories, innovations, and characters in interactive entertainment.
Year in Games 2021
Year In Games 2021

I'm obsessed with the most criminally overlooked game of 2021

You’ve never played a game quite like this.

Year in Games 2021

Behold! The 10 best video game characters of 2021, ranked

If you can’t trust Tumblr users, who can you trust?

Huge Chonkers

11 biggest video games of 2021 (by file size)

We mean that literally.

Year in Games 2021

2021's most underrated game helped me overcome anxiety

Psychonauts 2 is Inverse's 2021 Game of the Year.

Year in Games 2021

Sega's biggest game of 2021 poses a surprising solution to a real-life problem

“Bullying is an outburst of distorted justice.”

Year In Games 2021

The best boss battle of 2021 almost broke my heart

Housemarque’s Returnal is a masterpiece.

Year in Games 2021

Halo, Forza, and 5 more games that pushed accessibility forward in 2021

Not every game is for everyone, but these titles make inclusivity a priority.

Year in Games 2021

The 6 best cozy games of 2021

Snuggle up.

Year In Games 2021

2021’s best exploration game makes relaxation thrilling

Sable is an absolute gem.

Year in Games 2021

Why do we love doing chores in video games?

We love to play the tasks we hate in life.

Year in Games 2021

Gaming's weirdest holiday trend peaked in 2021

When did video games start making Santa Claus so buff?

Year In Games 2021

The most exciting RPG of 2022 could fix the worst thing about the genre

Modern, real-world style meets high fantasy.

Year in Games 2021

Shang-Chi vs. Sifu: How one 2022 game hopes to fix a major kung fu problem

Most depictions of kung fu are inaccurate, but 'Sifu' will be an exception. Choreographer Benjamin Colussi discusses how it fixes kung fu.

Year in Games 2021

Welcome to Inverse's Year in Games 2021

Year in Games 2021

2021's best video game dad is a total fool with a heart of gold

Star-Lord is daddy.

Year in Games 2021

2022’s most anticipated video game sequel could redefine a decade-spanning trend

God of War Ragnarok could change the future of Dad Games.

2020 Edition
Year In Games

Inverse readers' favorite game of 2020 was also the most controversial

The Last of Us Part 2 from Naughty Dog came out on top.

Year In Games

The 4 best sidekicks of 2020 reveal why PS5 is winning the console war

Inverse readers have spoken.

Year In Games

2020’s best video game hero exposes the worst part of Last of Us 2

Yakuza: Like a Dragon reminds us that human growth isn't just about strength.

Year In Games

2020's biggest games industry reveal was unforgettably polarizing

The highlight of a long, strange summer.

Year in Games

The most brutal video game decision of 2020 nearly killed me

What's more important: honor or loyalty?

Happy Holidays

You need to play the most batshit Christmas game for free on Xbox Game Pass

There aren't many Christmas games out there, but Yakuza Kiwami is a classic.

Year in Games

The funniest video game of 2020 leveraged viral memes for worthy causes

The year's most hilarious game is a slapstick triumph with wit to spare.

Year in Games

2020's best multiplayer game made me more paranoid than ever

The possibilities are truly limitless.

Year in Games

Among Us, Warzone, and Animal Crossing are 2020's best comfort-food games

1,483+ Inverse readers reveal their go-to games for quarantine escapism.


Inverse's favorite games of 2020

All killer, no filler.

Year in Games

2020's most controversial video game reveals the worst thing about fandom

A perpetual motion machine of outrage.

Year in Games

The most important video game of 2020 is coming out ... in 2021

The absence of Halo Infinite is painfully obvious.

Year in Games

The biggest video game flirt of 2020 changed gaming history

I love you, Jessie Rasberry.

Inverse Preview

Persona 5 Strikers perfects dungeon crawling, but there's one big catch

RPG elements? Hardly know em!

Year in Games

2020's most beautiful video game makes diversity divine

It’s rare to find a game this sexy.

Year in Games

The best boss battle of 2020 changed video games for me forever

Or: How I learned to stop worrying and love the Rat King.