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When Inverse joined Bustle Digital Group this summer, I soon learned that our stories on mind-expanding science, emerging technology, geek culture, and video games, would get a new look.

At several points during the next few months, I found myself raising my eyebrows at the story-telling facility our new site would possess, how forward-thinking -- and vertical! -- its design would be for mobile readers, and generally, how everything about Inverse 2.0 would help us keep our title as the coolest place to get smarter.

What's new about the new Inverse?

  • Card stories. These are stories made for how most of us experience content online -- on our phones. Check out a few card stories here: an alien Earth, the rise of LEGO, and one on Rick and Morty.
  • Engrossing longform design. We have deeply reported stories you won't find anywhere else, and our layout makes the most of them.
  • This morning, I asked site designer Jack Koloskus to name his favorite thing about the new Inverse, and he narrowed it down to this: "I love the underlines on the links." Same.

This morning, Inverse is stocked with new stories that will tickle your brain. Here are a few that went live a few minutes ago...


Mind & Body:




That's a lot. But there's so much more from this incredible team of journalists and storytellers. Take a look around. Kick tires. And send any feedback to nick@inverse.com.

-- Nick Lucchesi

Executive Editor @ Inverse

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