Black Friday 2018: The Best, Newest Smartphones Seeing Big Markdowns

How to get the latest for the low.

If there was a trend that defined the 2018 smartphone cycle, it will likely be remembered as the year of the notch, with the iPhone XS, XS Max, and XR all doubling down on the X’s defining features like Face ID.

Then again this was also the year that popularized multi-camera handsets and made wireless charging pretty much ubiquitous. As for camera features, the LG V40 ThinQ’s five cameras set a new bar for smartphone photography, while the Google Pixel 3 became the latest device to let you ditch wired charging. This all gives 2018’s down-to-the-wire smartphone shoppers a lot to think about.

If you held off on an upgrade during the last holiday shopping season, now might be the perfect time to get a taste of these new features. Black Friday and Cyber Monday are quickly approaching, which means that many of these cutting-edge phablets will see significant discounts.

Many of these markdowns have either been announced or leaked online. So if you’re looking to replace the phone you’ve been using for a couple of years, this is where you can get deals on the latest and greatest tech.

Black Friday 2018: Samsung Galaxy Note 9 512GB for $950

The Galaxy Note 9 comes with a Bluetooth-powered stylus, called the S-Pen.

Flickr / TheBetterDay

The Galaxy Note 9 is essentially a laptop you can carry around in your pocket. It can support up to 1-terabyte of storage capacity with a microSD card, it comes with a Bluetooth-powered stylus, and can be hooked up to a monitor to give users a computer-like experience. But a new model with all the bells and whistles will cost $1,250.

But on November 23, Samsung plans to offer the phablet for $300 off its regular asking price if you sign up with a Sprint plan. This is slightly cheaper than the 128GB variant, so you’d be saving money and getting a whole lot more storage space for your value.

Black Friday 2018: Google Pixel 3 XL 64GB for $699

The Pixel 3, on the right, next to the Pixel 3 XL, on the left.

Danny Paez

The Pixel 3 XL’s first leaked renders were met with mockery over the widely criticized notch. But after testing it, Inverse found it’s one of the best Android phones on the market touting incredible camera capabilities and superior integrated A.I. functions relative to the iPhone. But this all comes at a pretty penny.

The 6.4-inch OLED smartphone carries a $899 price tag. But Best Buy will be offering the device for $699 when consumers sign up for a Verizon plan on Black Friday. That’s only $50 more expensive than the current price of last year’s Pixel 2 XL.

Black Friday 2018: Samsung Galaxy S9 64GB for $420

Samsung's smaller, 5.8-inch Galaxy S9 will be as cheap as a mid-tier phone this Black Friday.


If you aren’t into phablets, Samsung will be putting its smaller-sized Galaxy S9 on sale. The handset comes packs a 5.8-inch OLED display, a 12-megapixel rear camera, and the processing power you’d expect from any of this year’s major launches. All of this will be available for what you’d expect a mid-tier phone to be priced at come Black Friday.

Just like the Note 9’s deal, if users start a cellular plan with Sprint they’ll be able to get it for $300 off. This means a Samsung flagship will be even cheaper than the asking price than a Moto Z3.

Black Friday 2018: iPhone X 64GB for $699

The iPhone X might be 2017's tech, but it still holds up with the best of them.

Unsplash / Koby Kelsey

While the iPhone X was released in 2017, it still holds its own against 2018’s top-tier releases. Apple primarily updated the internals of this year’s iPhones, leaving the notched-display design untouched. The X now retails at $899, but for Black Friday you can snag one for $699 at Best Buy.

While X users will miss out on the A12 Bionic chip that supercharged the XS, XS Max, and XR’s performance, many of the same hardware features remain. You’ll still get a dual, 12MP rear camera setup, Face ID, and a stunning 5.8-inch OLED display.

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