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How to complete the Genshin Impact Energy Amplifer Fruition event

Stock up on Primos ahead of 2.4.

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Genshin Impact Energy Amplifier Fruition

The latest livestream has finally dropped, giving us a look at Genshin Impact version 2.4, the new underwater region of Enkanomiya, and upcoming characters, Shenhe and Yun Jin. But version 2.3 isn't done just yet — we recently delved into the Misty Dungeon to complete some character-based challenges. Now we're revisiting the Energy Amplifier event from Genshin Impact 1.5 with a few added twists.

The upside is that, unlike Misty Dungeon, you can play Energy Amplifier Fruition in co-op for added benefits. These include increased Motive Force to spend on powerful modifiers for Deceitful Domain challenges. This is one of the most customizable events we've seen in Genshin Impact, since you can both choose powerful buffs for your party, but also grant bonuses to enemies, increasing difficulty in exchange for a higher final score.

Excepting Marvelous Merchandise, this is the last proper event for Genshin Impact 2.3. Since Zhongli, Xiao, and Ganyu are all returning for rerun banners in short order, it's the perfect opportunity to earn some Primogems. In this Genshin Impact Energy Amplifier Fruition guide, we’ll walk you through the event and offer some tips for boosting your score.

There are three Deceitful Domains to complete in the event.


How does Energy Amplifier Fruition work?

Similar to Labyrinth Warriors, the Energy Amplifier Fruition event is all about fighting through Domains in order to earn rewards — the key difference is you can tailor each challenge to suit your playstyle. Here’s how it all works.


The main objective of the event is to complete Deceitful Domains, but first you have to unlock them by completing three preliminary investigations. To activate the first, you’ll have to go see Hosseini, the Sumerian scholar you might remember from the Shadows of the Ancients event. Head to the event menu and you’ll find the quest prompt.

Hosseini will direct you to three sites you must completely clear of enemies. However, the Hilichurls are being buffed by Mutation Stones placed around their camp. As with the combat training in the Shadows Amidst Snowstorms event, you’ll want to deal with these before you get into a fight. Simply find them inside the Hilichurl dwellings or on towers, and use a claymore character as you would with mining. There are usually one or two, but occasionally a third.

Smash the stones, beat the enemies, open the chests, and that’ll unlock the Deceitful Domain doorway in Tianqiu Valley.

Sumerian scholar Hosseini is once again using us as his Guinea pig.


Deceitful Domains

These three Domain challenges pit you against a selection of enemies — Specters for the first, Rifthounds for the second, and at the time of writing this, the third is yet to be released. Your job is to get the highest score you can, thereby earning yourself more rewards. You can increase the score of each Deceitful Domain by choosing modifiers that make it tougher. For example, you can increase the overall challenge level, reduce the time you have to complete it, strengthen enemies with a variety of bonuses, or even debuff yourself.

You can use the Energy Amplifier to offset this difficulty. Depending on your overall party level, you’ll gain Motive Force that you can use to revitalize Irminsul Fruit Fragments — basically buffs that are active during each Domain. These range from basic damage, shield strength, and stat buffs, to more elaborate abilities, such as the damage-stacking Blade Dance fragment, or the burst-boosting Dance of Abundance. You can choose one four-star fragment, and up to ten two-star or three-star. Make your selection and you’ll be ready to head into the Domain.

It’s best to choose fragments that complement your playstyle.


How to get a high score in Energy Amplifier Fruition

The Energy Amplifier event is all about party and playstyle, since what works for you, might not work for someone else. It’s easy to increase score by choosing difficulty modifiers that don’t actually affect you. For example, I don’t really use a shielder and don’t often use charged attacks, so it was easy to select a shield strength decrease and charged attack decrease for extra points. Domains also give you way too much time, so it makes sense to reduce that for a greater point boost.

It’s an event that really gets you thinking about playstyle in a fun way, and what you personally do and don’t do when you’re fighting a Domain. Each of the three Domain’s high scores add together to determine the rewards you get, and you can get a pretty decent score just by choosing the modifiers that won’t make much difference to your playstyle. It’s easy enough to get the event Primogems.

However, if you want to hit the maximum score and those extra rewards, you’re going to have to start choosing some painful modifiers, and in that case, it’ll come down to your skill as a player, party combo, and your elemental efficacy against the monsters in each Deceitful Domain. If you are trying to hit a high cap, I definitely recommend playing co-op, since it gives you that Motive Force boost for extra buffs, as well as splitting enemy agrro.

The Genshin Impact Energy Amplifier Fruition event runs through January 3, 2022.

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