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How to complete the Genshin Impact Shadows Amidst Snowstorms event

Snow it all!

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Genshin Impact Version 2.3 is well underway. The Golden Wolflord has reared its ugly head, Eula and Albedo are back for their reruns, and the headlining Shadows Amidst Snowstorms event remains ongoing. Unfortunately for all you Gorou and Arataki Itto fans, the Geo duo won't be rearing their heads until the second half of Genshin Impact 2.3 on December 14. Still, there are worse ways to spend the next couple of weeks than running around Dragonspine's wintery wilderness, building snowmen, and taking part in training exercises for the Adventurer's Guild.

After all, Shadows Amidst Snowstorms is the closest we're going to get to a holiday event, and however pretty Inazuma is, we should probably enjoy the change of scenery.

So, what does the Shadows Amidst Snowstorms event have in-store? As per usual, there are lots of activities in which you can earn event currency to purchase rewards, but more importantly, earn yourself Snowman Components to get your hands on that event sword: the Cinnabar Spindle. In this Shadows Amidst Snowstorms event guide, I'll walk you through every activity, and how to get the exclusive four-star weapon.

How to unlock Shadows Amidst Snowstorms

Watch the official event trailer right here.

In order to get access to the new event, you're going to need to play through the first part of the event storyline quest, 'The Snowy Past'. To unlock the prompt for this, you first have to complete the second part of the Mondstadt Archon quest, 'For a Tomorrow Without Tears', as well as Albedo's story quest, which is available to everyone. If you get stuck on that part where you have to cook Albedo a Sunshine Sprat, you can buy salt from the general goods store in Mondstadt.

How does Shadows Amidst Snowstorms work?

As with Labyrinth Warriors, the Shadows Amidst Snowstorms event is part-activity, part-story quest, and when you're not doing one, you'll be doing the other.

This is going to be one cold fight.


Main quest

Following on from Albedo's story quest, we're helping the alchemist track down a sinister imposter who seems to have stolen his identity. At the same time, the Adventurer's Guild winter training is happening, so lots of familiar faces from Mondstadt are also hanging around Dragonspine. You can play the first part straight away, but as the event is staggered, the next parts won't be available until November 30 and December 3. While waiting you can take part in some of the Adventurer's Guilds' training activities.

Agility Training

This is an obstacle course that sees you collecting coins as you follow a specific route across Dragonspine. As you dash along the course, you can collect green buffs that grant you a higher jump, letting you boost over ice walls to grab coins or a light brown buff that lets you smash through ice pillars. You'll want to keep an eye out for the sparkling pillars, as those ones have coins inside them. Collect 'em all, complete the course within the time limit, and reap the rewards.


Tracker Training

Even simpler than the Agility Training, all you need to do here is melt blocks of ice in the designated area. There are enemies dotted about, but you can just equip Amber and use charged Pyro shots on all of the ice blocks from a distance. Once you melt them, you'll get Snowman Components that you can use to build some frosty friends.

Combat training!


Combat Training

This activity is a strange one. You can either activate the lure at the location and fight a harder battle, or you can use Scarlet Quartz and activate the three nearby heaters to make it easier. For those that don't know, Scarlet Quartz is that little red mine-able resource you find around Dragonspine. They'll be one near each heater, so simply smash it with your claymore character, pick it up, and then hit the closest heater to activate it.

Some of the heaters are behind Anemo barriers, so you have to climb the structure next to them and hop over. To activate the heaters encased in ice, you have to use a Pyro attack while holding the Scarlet Quartz—Amber is your best bet for this. Once all three are glowing orange, just activate the lure and fight the battle.

Watch out for this icy foe.


How to build Snowmen

Building a snowman is, of course, the most important part of the Shadows Amidst Snowstorms event. Once you've gathered some components from melting ice in Tracker Training, head to the snowman area near the Dragonspine entrance camp, and activate the snowman body to build. As the event goes on, more snowmen will become available, letting you use the components you get from Tracker Training.

Snowmen in the world of Genshin Impact look realistic.


How to get the Cinnabar Spindle sword

Thankfully, this isn't like the Moonchase Festival event where you had to discover every single chest to get the fish claymore. Simply build whatever snowman you want, and you can immediately claim the four-star Cinnabar Spindle sword. However, if you want to refine it, you'll have to buy Alkahest from the event shop, using the currency that you get from completing the training activities.

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