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One Genshin Impact Eula build elevates her from zero to amazing

Cold wind strikes.

All Genshin Impact characters are bad. They’re also all universally good. Unless you have the right gear equipped, Genshin Impact characters can easily turn to hot mush. Eula, the brand new five-star Cryo Claymore-wielder can emerge from her hot mush status as perhaps the best physical DPS in the game. All you need is the right build.

Here’s what you need to make the perfect Eula build in Genshin Impact.

What's the best Eula build in Genshin Impact?

Eula is two things – a Cryo character and a physical damage dealer. Despite having the frosty element, her greatest builds rely far more on her physical damage abilities. If built correctly, certain attacks in Eula’s kit can deal literal millions of damage points. Her skillset is absolutely bonkers.

What you want to do is focus on increasing Eula’s physical damage, which enhances all her non-elemental-based attacks. Eula has an innate Critical Rate boost that increases with each level. If you can max out her physical damage and get lucky with your criticals, you’ll be more than ready to deal hundreds of thousands of damage in a single blow.

Here’s what you’ll need to make Eula unstoppable:

  1. Song of Broken Pines, or Serpent Spine
  2. (2) Pale Flame artifacts
  3. (2) Bloodstained Chivalry artifacts

By combining these three things, you’ll get at least a 50 percent physical attack bonus from the Pale Flame and Bloodstained Chivalry artifact pairs and drastically increase either your critical damage or physical damage with the weapon. Together, they make a darn good argument for trying to recruit Eula during her banner.

This setup works for any Eula, even ones without constellations. If you just got the Spindrift Knight, this will be great for your team.

How to get the Song of Broken Pines or Serpent Spine in Genshin Impact

In version 1.5, miHoYo added the Song of Broken Pines, which is basically custom-made for Eula. Like any ideal weapon, it’s a five-star that you can only obtain through the Gacha system. You’ll have to spend wads of cash if you want to obtain this blade.

If you can get it, the Song of Broken Pines has a wide swath of effects. For example, it has Millennial Movement: Banner-Hymn, which increases your normal attack speed by 12 percent and raises your attack by 20 percent for 12 seconds. The possible crown jewel is the physical damage sub stat that bolsters your physical damage by 20.7 percent. Song of Broken Pines also touts a high attack damage, dealing 741 attack damage once you’ve maxed it out.

The weapon will make your Eula incredibly strong, but it’s also a lot of money. It's highly unlikely that you'll have enough money to pull both Eula and Song of Broken Pines.

If you’re scraping by and trying to enjoy Eula, two more affordable options are Serpent Spine or Snow-Tombed Starsilver.

Serpent Spine is the Claymore available by purchasing the in-game battle pass, Gnostic Hymn. At max level, it deals modest 510 damages and will boost your critical hit rate. Serpent Spine increases your character's attack by six percent every four seconds they’re on the battlefield. It’s not as powerful as Song of Broken Pines, but gets the job done.

Alternatively, if can’t afford the battle pass, Eula can thrive on using the Snow-Tombed Starsilver. You can unlock it as a forgeable weapon after completing the puzzle found on Dragonspine.

Snow-Tombed Starsilver doesn’t boast nearly as impressive stats, but it has a fantastic physical damage boost substat. As a forgeable weapon, you can very easily increase its refinement, making it far more suited for Eula.

How to get Pale Flame artifacts in Genshin Impact

Pale Flame is a new artifact set that was added in version 1.5. You can farm it by using the Ridge Watch domain, which can be found in Bishui Plain, Liyue.

With two Pale Flame artifacts equipped, Eula’s physical damage will increase by 25 percent. This will go a long way in making her a powerful damage dealer for your team.

How to get Bloodstained Chivalry artifacts in Genshin Impact

By equipping two Bloodstained Chivalry artifacts, you can further increase Eula’s Physical Damage by 25 percent. If you’re using her as a physical attacker, this is a fantastic boon.

You can obtain Bloodstained Chivalry artifacts by completing the Clear Pool and Mountain Cavern domain, found in Liyue's Jueyun Karst.

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