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7 must-have items to farm before Genshin Impact adds Eula in 1.5

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New characters are game-changing in Genshin Impact. Additional playable characters like Hu Tao and Xiao have been added with every single update. According to leaks, version 1.5 will be no different. The update will grant us access to the only Genshin Impact character that could be mistaken for an End-User License Agreement, the Cryo claymore user, Eula.

Luckily, Genshin Impact's closed beta test server already features Eula, so we know what you need to farm for her Ascensions and talent levels. This was made possible using data-mined information published by Honey Hunter.

Here are the seven items that you need to farm before she comes to the game.

What are Eula's upgrade items in Genshin Impact?

According to the beta test server, upgrading Eula's talents requires "Resistance" talent books, Mask-themed items, three Crowns of Insight, and Dragon Lord’s Crown. Meanwhile, to ascend Eula and unlock her level caps, you'll need a mix of Shiva Jade, Crystalline Bloom, Dandelion Seeds, and again Mask-themed items.

Upgrade materials needed for Eula

u/Deviltakoyaki / miHoYo

Where can you farm "Resistance" talent books in Genshin Impact?

You're going to need numerous books from the "Resistance" series of talent books to max out Eula's talents.

This series consists of Teachings of Resistance, Guide to Resistance, and Philosophies of Resistance. You can find all three as drops from the Forsaken Rift domain located in Mondstadt by Springvale. You first need to be Adventure Rank 27 to access the domain and you need to visit the Rift on Tuesday or Friday or Sunday to secure the drops.

All in all, Eula needs 9 Teachings of Resistance, 63 Guides to Resistance, and 114 Philosophies of Resistance.

Where can you farm the Crown of Insight in Genshin Impact?

A Crown of Insight is required to max out every single late-level talent in Genshin Impact. Eula is no exception. Alas, you cannot farm the Crown of Insight at a controlled pace. It's primarily acquired through events like Unreconciled Stars and Chalk Prince and the Dragon, which both rewarded one Crown of Insight. You can also obtain one by upgrading the Frostbearing Tree in Dragonspine to level 11.

Where can you farm Dragon Lord’s Crown in Genshin Impact?

You can farm this by defeating Azhdaha, a new weekly boss that joined Genshin Impact in version 1.5.

This quest only becomes available after completing Act 2 of Zhongli’s story quest. After that, you’ll be to find the Azhdaha by the Dragon-Queller tree in his very own trounce domain.

How can you farm Masks in Genshin Impact?

Eula requires Damaged Masks, Stained Masks, and Ominous Masks throughout leveling up her character. These are necessities for both increasing her talent level and ascending her level cap.

All three items are found by defeating Hillichurl enemies. Damaged Masks are dropped by any slain human enemy; Stained Masks are dropped by level 40 and up humans; Ominous Masks are dropped by humans that are level 60 and higher.

Dadaupa Gorge is a great place to farm masks. There are three Hillichurl camps in the area, granting you a large supply of foes to eliminate. This might make you the scourge of the Hillichurl’s existence, but you’ll be flush with masks if you can do this consistently.

To ascend Eula to her max level, you'll need a total of 18 Damaged Masks, 30 Stained Masks, and 36 Ominous Masks. If you're trying to max out Eula's talents, you'll need 18 Damaged Masks, 66 Stained Masks, and 93 Ominous Masks.

Where can you farm Dandelion Seeds in Genshin Impact?

As an esteemed face of Mondstadt, of course, Eula needs Dandelion Seeds from Mondstadt’s most iconic plant to max out her level. You'll need 168 Dandelion Seeds for Eula to reach her highest Ascension level.

You can find Dandelion Seeds throughout Mondstadt, but the two biggest clusters of the item can be farmed directly outside the capital city and across the pond from the Dawn Winery, right at the border that leads to Liyue.

Remember to farm a Dandelion Seed you’ll need an Anemo character in your party. They need to use an Anemo attack on the glowing plant for it to produce collectible seeds.

Dandelion Seeds location map

Map Genie / miHoYo

Where can you farm Shiva Jade and Crystalline Bloom in Genshin Impact?

Eula is a Cryo character, meaning she needs Shiva Jade for her Ascensions. You can farm these items by defeating the Cryo Regisvine in Mondstadt. Vayuda Turquoise can also be purchased in small sums from souvenir shops in Liyue and Mondstadt. On occasion, you'll receive Shiva Jade for defeating the Wolf of the North. Shiva Jade can be purchased in small sums from souvenir shops in Liyue and Mondstadt.

Eula requires one sliver, nine fragments, nine chunks, and six gemstones. If have any overflow, all Shiva Jade can be crafted into higher levels using a Crafting Bench. Eula requires 46 total Shiva Jades to be maxed out.

In addition to the regularly used Shiva Jade, Eula will need Crystalline Bloom. You can farm it by defeating the Cryo Hypostasis. You can find them on Dragonspine.

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