Genshin Impact leak reveals 8 new characters coming after 1.1 update

Big things are happening on the game's test servers.

Genshin Impact features one of the most expansive worlds in gaming. The realm known as Teyvat features seven distinct nations. So far, players have only experienced two of them — Mondstadt and Liyue. According to a recent trailer, the next nation to be added will be Inazuma, which in-game context clues suggest is based on on Japan. It's unknown when Inazuma will arrive, and it's unlikely to be part of the 1.1 update due out November 11. However, thanks to some pretty credible leaks from the game's beta testers, but might have our first look at some new characters coming to the game

Reddit user Drakolla911 shared images of eight upcoming characters they claim were data-mined from Genshin Impact's closed beta test server files.

These eight leaked characters appear to be primarily from Inazuma, showcasing elements of traditional Japanese fashion. A few outfits feature small sleeve slits, similar to kariginu and suikan, popular attire from the Heian period.

Possible new characters coming to Genshin Impact.MiHoYo

Those that don't explicitly showcase Japanese fashion identities hail from the more familar setings of Liyue and Mondstadt. We currently have a few names, courteously of the Reddit thread.

From left to right on the top row:

  • Hu Tao – Zhongli's boss at the funeral parlor, who doesn't get along with Qiqi. She's a Pyro Polearm user from Liyue.
  • Mimi – A Hydro Catalyst from Inazuma. She has a circular vision on her belt in keeping with the region's style.
  • Yunjin – A Geo Polearm user from Liyue.
  • Yaoyao – She's the first playable Dendro character and a magic-user from Liyue. She studied under the same master as Xiangling and recently began to work under Ganyu.

From left to right on the bottom row:

  • Sayu – An Anemo Claymore user from Inazuma.
  • Kazuha A Anemo Sword user from Inazuma.
  • Rosaria – A Cyro Polearm user from Mondstadt.
  • Shenli – A Cyro Claymore user from Liyue.

Some of these characters have already been mentioned within official materials from miHoyo Yaoyao, for example, was previously featured in key art for Genshin Impact. She's seems to be friends with Qiqi, the zombie character from Liyue.

Yaoyao and Qiqi, bonding. Paimon is present. MiHoYo

Genshin Impact news Twitter account Zeniet notes these test-server designs are unlikely to be final drafts, writing "keep in mind designs are not final." When these characters debut, they might look significantly different from how they're portrayed here.

There's no signal as to when these characters might be added to the game. The next game update is already confirmed to debut four new characters other than the eight revealed in the latest leak.

In December, miHoYo will release update 1.2, which will include the Dragonspine area in the southeast area of the map between Mondstat and Liyue. Users that have already glitched their way into Dragonspine claim the area contains numerous snow-capped mountains. This could perhaps imply this Dragonspine is part of the larger Inazuma region with the mountains being Genshin Impact's equivalent to Japan's numerous snow regions.

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