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3 best Glaze Lily farming locations in Genshin Impact

Where art thou, Glaze Lily?

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Among many other quality-of-life improvements that arrived as part of the Genshin Impact version 1.1 update on November 11, it’s now much easier to locate elemental collectibles like Anemoculus and Geoculus that grant your characters various valuable boons in the open-world adventure game.

But in order to craft the new Geoculus Resonance Stone item that marks these collectibles on your map, you’ll need to find five Glaze Lilies. (Alternatively, you might need the plant as an ascension item to level up Ningguang if you have this playable character in your roster.) Either way, here are the three best locations to look for Glaze Lilies.

3. Look in the Qingce Village outskirts

Where to find Glaze Lilies map one. / miHoYo

Glaze Lilies can be easily found in Liyue's northern section right outside Qingce Village on colorful ridged plains. We've marked all their locations on this map using the Genshin Impact interactive map. Glaze Lilies have a light blue coloring and a yellow center, making them rather easy to spot. It's worth noting that all Glaze Lilies in Qingce Village will be in full bloom when you find them, which is unique to the area.

Use your Elemental Sight to further distinguish them from the terrain. Like all interactable items, Glaze Lilies will glow white while Elemental Sight is active.

2. Check Yujing Terrace in Liyue Harbor

Where to find Glaze Lilies map two. / miHoYo

Yujing Terrace is perhaps the best place in Genshin Impact to harvest the Glaze Lily. The area can be found in Liyue Harbor's upper floors. While this might be a trek if you walk up from a lower Liyue Harbor waypoint, use the Mt. Tianheng waypoint to easily glide down to the terrace.

Once there, look out for Glaze Lilies, which are spread throughout the area. Unlike in Qingce Village, these Glaze Lilies have yet to bloom, so they'll be more bulbous in shape.

More Glaze Lilies can be found in Liyue Harbor proper, but they're rather scarce, making it not worth the trek.

1. Talk to Madame Ping or Ms. Bai

Madame Ping, who will generously gift you 5 Glaze Lilies


In addition to picking Glaze Lilies from the wild, you can also obtain them from talking to NPCs. Speak to Madame Ping, an elderly woman who is located in Yujing Terrace beside her tea set during the daytime. Choose her second dialogue option twice to be gifted five Glaze Lilies.

Your other option is to purchase up to three Glaze Lilies from Ms. Bai in Quince Village. You could do that, but you definitely shouldn't because Ms. Bai is perhaps the biggest grifter in Genshin Impact. Her Glaze Lily business is a ginormous scam and a waste of your money.

Ms. Bai stocks three Glaze Lilies at a time and sells them for 50,000 Mora each. That's an outrageously high price considering that Madame Ping simply gifted you five of them. While you can buy from Ms. Bai, you shouldn't enable this certified floral scalper to continue her ways.

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