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How to complete the Mondstadt and Its Archon quest in Genshin Impact

By the Grace of Venti

One of the most compelling additions in the Genshin Impact version 1.1 update, which launched Wednesday, is the Reputation progression system. Players earn Reputation points in the open-world, free-to-play game by completing Story Quests, and leveling up in Reputation grants promising new rewards — like a compass that can direct you towards collectibles. “Mondstadt and Its Archon” is one easy-to-miss Story Quest that rewards players with a whopping 20 Reputation points. So it's absolutely worth seeking out and completing.

Where can you find Mondstadt and Its Archon? And how do you complete it? Here's what you need to do to score those extra Reputation points.

How do you start the Mondstadt and Its Archon quest?

If you want to play this quest, you'll have to do two things first:

  • Reach Adventure Rank 36
  • Complete Venti's Story Quest, Carmen Dei Chapter: Act 1

Venti or 'Barbatos' from the Genshin Impact manga.


After you complete these two tasks, you'll be able to unlock Mondstadt and Its Archon. To kick the quest off, speak to Grace, who can be found in the back of Mondstadt underneath the large statue of the wind Archon, Barbatos. You might know the Archon better as Venti, the powerful character that you play as briefly during the story mode.

You can quickly reach the statue by teleporting to Mondstadt's northernmost waypoint. The statue is towering and unmissable. The light blue exclamation point indicating a quest starting point will appear shortly after approaching the area.

How do you complete Mondstadt and Its Archon?

Once you've spoken to Grace and accepted your quest, you'll be tasked to find some Dandelion Seeds. These can easily be found by Mondstadt's front entrance. Look for the neon blue flora, there should be five to six available nearby. When you approach one, use any Anemo technique to harvest the seeds. This can be achieved by using the Traveller's basic Elemental Skill if you haven't unlocked other Anemo characters. Interact with the loosened seeds to harvest them.

Return to Grace with your haul. She'll ask you to scale the statue's body until you're standing on their hands then spread the seeds once you've reached the top. While you're up there, sit on the statue's fingertips to unlock an easy achievement, gaining a few Primogems in the process.

Sitting in the statue of Barbatos


Return to the ground and briefly converse with Grace to complete the quest.

Now that Mondstadt and Its Archon is in your pocket, you can head back to the Reputation bulletin board to claim your bonus. This will be worth a sum of 20 Reputation points and it might just be the thing that gets you to your next reward.

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