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3 steps to find and defeat any Bounty in Genshin Impact

Hogtie some Ruin Guards.

Genshin Impact version 1.1 overhauled the game. The update made numerous quality of life changes like adding archives, keeping track of everything you encounter. Perhaps the biggest addition to Genshin Impact is the Reputation system. Using it, you can earn all sorts of bonuses like compasses to locate Geo and Anemoculus. All you need to do is earn enough Reputation points by completing specific tasks such as Bounties.

Here's exactly how you accept and finish Bounties to get a better Reputation.

Step 1: Head to the Bounty bulletin board and accept your quest

To get started with the Reputation system, you need to complete some prerequisites:

  • Reach Adventure Rank 25
  • In Mondstadt, you need to complete the Archon Quest "Prologue, Act I: The Outlander Who Caught the Wind; Knight of the Realm"
  • In Liyue, you'll also need to complete the Archon Quests "Chapter 1, Act II: Farewell, the Archaic Lord; Ministry Missions"

Once those are complete, you'll receive new world quests leading you to bulletin boards in both Liyue and Mondstatdt. It's worth noting that both regions have distinct scoring systems. If you pick up a mission in Mondstadt, the points will only apply to Mondstadt.

Bounty choices in Genshin Impact.


After reaching the bulletin board, you'll be able to improve your standing in a variety of ways. Perhaps the best way to do so is by completing bounties. To complete a Bounty, you'll have to hunt down a specific foe in the region where you accept it. There are three Bounty types: 60, 80, and 100. The number reflects how much Reputation you'll receive for completing the Bounty. The more Reputation up for grabs, the harder the target will be to take down.

Accept your Bounty and begin your hunt.

Watch out! Throughout the week, you're able to complete three total bounties. Due to this limitation, it's recommended that you try to complete exclusively Bounties worth 100 Reputation.

Step 2: Track your prey

Once you've accepted a Bounty, a large transparent yellow circle will appear somewhere on your map. Like all large transparent circles in video games, this is to indicate the area you need to search to find your target. Head to the area and get searching.

Your Bounty doesn't exactly want to be found, you'll have to track them down using your Elemental Sight.

While Elemental Sight is active, light blue streams will appear in the air. These streams can be used as a compass, guiding you in the direction of your prey. Activate Elemental Sight repeatedly to refresh these streams, ensuring you're going the right way.

The yellow circle to track your Bounty.


Eventually, the streams will lead you to a clue, which can be anything from a flower to a mushroom. . Like the streams, clues can be made more prominent by using your Elemental Sight. While it's active, they'll gain a sharp red hue. Interact with the clue to collect it and move on to your next clue.

After finding three clues, you'll be able to face your target in combat.

Step 3: Slay your prey and collect your prize

Now that you're locked in combat with your prey, make sure that you're up to snuff.

If you chose the 100 Reputation Bounty, your prey will likely be around your level, making their attacks rather fearsome. Before entering battle, you should consume food that increases your attack like the Jade Parcel. This will make the fight far easier.

Once the target has been defeated, head back to the bulletin board to claim your prize.

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