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1 ideal Sucrose build makes her Genshin Impact's most undervalued character

She's so much more than discount Venti.

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Venti is widely considered Genshin Impact's best character. His Anemo techniques provide ample AoE (Area of Effect) damage that can eliminate groups of enemies. Venti is a premium five-star character that makes the entire game easier if he's in your party. He's Genshin Impact's equivalent of installing a powerful air conditioner in your living room to beat the Summer heat. Conversely, Sucrose is discussed as if she's nothing but the shoddy oscillating fan that you purchase while awaiting your actual air conditioner.

Using this Sucrose build, however, she can become your team's most essential character.

When built correctly, Sucrose is an essential support character that tees up AoE elemental interactions for everyone else in your party. Her Anemo abilities mean that elements can be quickly spread across the battlefield are bolstered with a Swirl effect for further damage. To use Sucrose effectively, you're going to want to focus on increasing her attack damage and have her work with effective characters that synergize with her skillset.

Sucrose's normal attack utilizes Anemo spirits by using up to four to attack a foe. She can charge this move to create AoE damage. Her Elemental Skill and Elemental Burst both create large Anemo AoE attacks that will draw in nearby foes. These moves shine when combined with Hydro, Pyro, Cryo, or Electro attacks that can be absorbed by the Anemo.

Sucrose showing her bountiful joy.


To utilize her best, you're going to want these three things:

  1. The Widsith or Mappa Mare
  2. (4) Viridescent Venerer artifacts
  3. Good DPSes that use Hydro, Pyro, Cryo, or Electro

This information was gleaned using a mix of two Reddit posts and Inverse's personal experience.

How do you obtain The Widsith or Mappa Mare?

Ideally, you'd equip Sucrose with The Widsith. Upon entering the battlefield, The Widsith endows your character with one of three possible buffs, denoted by the musical icon above their head. This could result in a 60 percent attack increase, a 48 percent buff to Elemental Damage, or an Elemental Mastery buff of 240.

No matter the buff you receive, Sucrose will certainly become 100 percent more effective as her wind abilities are made significantly stronger.

Alas, The Widsith can only be gained via the gacha wish system, so you'll have to trust that luck is on your side in obtaining the weapon.

If you're lacking the Primogems to spend willy nilly, you can instead invest in the Mappa Mare, which can be forged at your local Blacksmith. Depending on how much you refine the Mappa Mare, it will grant a damage bonus between 8 and 16 percent that can be stacked twice. This bonus occurs every time you trigger an elemental reaction. Triggering elemental reactions is Sucrose's entire jam, which means that Mappa Mare is the perfect backup weapon for her.

How do you obtain Viridescent Venerer artifacts?

If you've pondered equipping Sucrose with any artifacts that aren't Viridescent Venerer, throw your brain out. Viridescent Venerer is the quintessential Sucrose artifact set. If you can equip her with two pieces, she'll gain a 15 percent damage buff to all Anemo damage.

Once you equip her with two more pieces, Sucrose's Swirl damage will be boosted by 60 percent, and any foe caught in the Swirl will have their elemental resistance reduced by 40 percent for 10 seconds. This means Sucrose's deadly elemental combo will become significantly deadlier for a brief amount of time.

You can obtain the Viridescent Venerer by playing the Valley of Remembrance Domain located by Dawn Winery in Mondstadt. Viridescent Venerer enters the domain's reward pool beginning at Valley of Remembrance level II, which is unlocked at Adventure Rank 30.

Who are the best teammates for Sucrose?

To get the best from Sucrose, you'll need a few killer teammates to team up with her.

You're going to want good DPSes that use Hydro, Pyro, Cryo, or Electro for some sublime elemental synergies.

Try using Pryo types like Diluc or Xiangling as your primary DPSes, while using either Keqing or Chongyun as your secondary damage dealers.

In practice, switch to your DPS immediately after using Sucrose's Elemental Burst or Elemental Skill then attack it with an Element for a sublime synergy.

Pryo types tend to leave flames behind, giving Sucrose a large window for synergy.

Unless you'd like your team to rely on one specific element, try to ensure no two party members have the same attack typing. This will grant Sucrose space to be her most versatile self, giving you the most flexible team imaginable.

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