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Use this Xingqiu build in Genshin Impact to make your team unstoppable

The most resourceful support character in the game is a real asset.

In Genshin Impact, the characters you obtain are completely random. You an equal chance to obtain one of the game's greatest characters than you do the runt of the litter. Luckily, every single one can be a viable asset to your team.

When you're fighting alone, Xingqiu is a bad character. He's fast and his abilities are versatile but they deal little damage. Sure, his passive to possibly refund 25 percent of items used when crafting Character Talent Materials is a boon, but that's not enough to make him a high-tier character.

However, Xingqiu becomes a superb support character when included in a party with the right characters, assuming they have the proper equipment.

Here's how you make Xingqiu an invaluable member of your team.

Xingqiu, reading his favorite book.MiHoYo

What's the best Xingqiu build?

Xingqiu's greatest build focuses on enhancing their support-heavy techniques. Xingqiu is a passably good healer by using both their Elemental Burst and Elemental Skill. These techniques also grant other benefits like damage reduction and shroud other attacks in the "Wet" status effect. These benefits remain even when you switch characters.

In practice, you can play Xingqiu effectively by switching to them, activating their Elemental Skill and Elemental Burst if available, then switching back to another character. The Rain Swords, which heal characters upon being destroyed and otherwise mitigate damage will remain, enhancing the character you switch into. Their effectiveness will scale with Xingqiu's attack.

To make Xingqiu their best, you're going to need three things:

  1. The Sacrificial Sword or Fillet Blade.
  2. (4) Noblesse Oblige set artifacts.
  3. A better teammate.

This information was gleaned using a mix of Reddit, a lengthy Xingqiu handbook, and Inverse's personal experience.

How do you obtain the Sacrificial Sword or Fillet Blade?

Ideally, you'd equip Xingqiu with the Sacrificial Sword. When refined to its maximum, the sword has an 80 percent chance to immediately end an Elemental Skill's cooldown time. This would mean that you could activate additional Rain Swords in a shorter amount of time.

Alas, Sacrificial Sword can only be gained via the gacha wish system, so you'll have to trust that luck is on your side in obtaining the weapon.

For something more reliably grindable, try getting your hands on a Fillet Blade.

The effectiveness of Xingqiu's abilities increases with his attack. The Fillet Blade is a high attack weapon. When maxed out, it can deal 400 percent bonus damage in a single attack.

You can acquire it by raiding chests found in Hilichurl Camps across Teyvat.

How do you obtain Noblesse Oblige artifacts?

The Noblesse Oblige artifact set increases Xingqiu's Elemental Burst damage by 20 percent when you have two equipped, making his Rain Swords slightly stronger.

If you equip four Noblesse Oblige artifacts, your whole party receives a 20 percent bonus after Xingqiu uses his Elemental Burst. This choice further stacks the bonus damage when you switch back to your main character.

You can obtain Noblesse Oblige artifacts by completing the Clear Pool and Mountain Cavern domain. It can be found in Liyue's Jueyun Karst.

Who are the best teammates for Xingqiu?

Xingqiu is useless if you don't have the right teammates to synergize with him.

For the most impressive elemental synergies, you're going to want to pair him with Ice, Electro, and Pyro type characters.

Try using either Razor or Fischl to dominate the battlefield with Xingqiu.

Razor's cooldown times are similar to Xingqiu's cooldowns, making it very easy to string a combo attack together with very open timing windows. Fischl's raven Oz has another bonus damage boost, unlocked at level 70 that will further work in tandem with Xingqiu's abilities. Both characters are Electro types as well, letting your team supercharge their attacks with the wet effect from Xingqiu's Rain Swords.

While Razor and Fischl are usually hidden behind gacha, Fischl will briefly be made free during an upcoming event beginning on November 11.

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