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Best weapons and artifacts for Albedo, Genshin Impact's newest five-star

Maybe Geo isn't so useless anymore.

Albedo can be game-changing for your party. Genshin Impact's newest five-star could easily become your Geo party's backbone. Albedo is an excellent burst support character, with his power hinging on improving the defensive stat. Considering the hefty buff coming to Geo in update 1.3, now's the time to invest in building out your team.

Here are the items that you need to make Albedo your next great party member.

Albedo is the latest singled-handed sword user that will likely act as a support character for your party. He relies on constantly utilizing his Elemental Burst and Elemental Skill. They both deal fantastic AoE (Area of Effect) damage, helping you to control the battlefield. The damage of this AoE will scale from Albedo's defense stat.

Albedo has an additional talent that increases the AoE damage dealt if his health bar has more than 50 percent remaining. You're going to want to use Albedo in a similar fashion to Xingqiu – Switch to Albedo, immediately use both of his skills then switch to another character.

Traveler and Albedo hanging out.


If you're using him as a support character, Albedo works best on a Geo team with characters like Zhongli, Ningguang, and Noelle.

Focus on improving Albedo's Geo and Elemental damage and recharge rate to make him a crucial party member. To achieve that, you're going to need the (4) Archaic Petra artifacts and either the Festering Desire or Sacrificial Sword.

While it's not recommended, you can opt to make Albedo a DPS by mixing (2) Archaic Petra and (2) Noblesse Oblige artifacts.

All and all, to make the greatest Albedo, you're going to need:

  • Archaic Petra or Noblesse Oblige artifacts
  • Festering Desire or Sacrificial Sword

How do you obtain Archaic Petra or Noblesse Oblige artifacts?

Archaic Petra boosts all Geo damage by 15 percent at two pieces. If you can collect four pieces, Albedo will provide a 35 percent damage boost to all party members upon creating a Crystallize reaction. For Geo teams, this set is a massive boon. Each of these boosts will increase Albedo's AoE damage significantly, so he can deal passive damage to a target, while your main DPS strikes decisive blows.

You can acquire Archaic Petra by completing the Domain of Guyun domain, found in Liyue's Guyun Stone Forest.

If you're using Albedo as a support character, you're going to want four Archaic Petra artifacts equipped. If you'd like to use him as a DPS route, make sure to keep at least two Archaic Petra artifacts on him at all times. The 15 percent Geo boost will make his AoE devastating.

If you want to use Albedo as your party's damage dealer, switch out two of those Archaic Petras for Noblesse Oblige.

Noblesse Oblige artifacts increase Albedo's Elemental Burst damage by 20 percent when you have two equipped, making his AoE damage slightly stronger. If your Albedo has a decent recharge rate, his burst will be crucial to your success.

You can obtain Noblesse Oblige artifacts by completing the Clear Pool and Mountain Cavern domain. It can be found in Liyue's Jueyun Karst.

How do you obtain Festering Desire or Sacrificial Sword?

By far, Festering Desire is the best sword for Albedo. It can be obtained by completing the first mission in the Chalk Prince and the Dragon event, titled "Festering Desire." The event will last until January 6, making it incredibly easy to get the blade.

The sword has lightning fast energy recharge rates plus it increases Elemental Skill damage by 16 percent and Elemental Skill critical rate by six percent. Basically, it's perfect for Albedo. If you play the event, you should be able to increase it's a refinement to at least level three. This would give the blade a 24 percent Elemental Skill damage increase and raise the Elemental Skill critical rate by nine percent. If you plan on getting Albedo, go out of your way to get this sword.

If you miss the event, the Sacrificial Sword acts as a passable replacement. It also boasts a high energy recharge rate, but it can only be obtained through Wishes, making it a gamble that you'd even acquire it.

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