Apple October Event: iPad Pro, AirPower, and Everything That Could Launch

The product cycle might not be over yet.

Apple is increasingly expected to host a fourth product launch this year before the month of October is out. The tech company held a special educational event in the Spring, its annual software launch in the summer, and its signature iPhone keynote in the fall. But there was still much left unannounced.

This year’s rumor cycle in particular whetted the appetite of ravenous tech fanatics for the possible introduction of the AirPower, an iPad Pro redesign, and new MacBooks.

But all of that fell flat when Apple executives glazed over these expectations when they took the stage on September 12, giving rise to the theory that Apple would be reviving its October product launch as a follow-up. The Cupertino-based company has a track record of hosting product launches in October. Here’s what we could see at an event whose invitations could go out as soon as next week.

Apple October Event: AirPower

If the company does have one final launch this year, one of the big questions will be whether we’ll see the AirPower wireless charging mat. The Qi-charger was announced in 2017 with the ability to charge three devices simultaneously, but has since faced serious delays due to overheating troubles.

Since then, however, the future of Apple’s wireless charger has looked increasingly shaky, though there has been a glimmer of hope. The in-box instructions bundled with the iPhone XS and hints in the iOS 12.1 beta update both mention the charging pad. So it very well could see the light of day as a part of this year’s constellation of devices.

Apple October Event: iPad Pro and Apple Pencil 2

The iPad Pro line of tablets, geared towards artists and designers is expected to see the biggest overhaul. This may include a second-generation Apple Pencil that connects to an iPad Pro when it’s close enough, just like AirPods.

The Apple Pencil could work a lot like the AirPods come October.

Unsplash / Lost Co

The biggest changes to the device could come in the form of reduced bezels, facial recognition features, and USB-C support for outputting 4K HDR to external monitors.

Apple October Event: MacBook Air

This year marks the tenth birthday of the MacBook Air, Apple’s signature slender laptop. The launch of the iPhone X came during the iPhone’s tenth anniversary, so we could see something similar happen with the Air. This could take the shape of a budget model for the laptop.

Currently, $999 is the cheapest the laptop is available for, that could become much cheaper to compete with the likes of the, Chromebook. A graphic by Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo alluded to a cheaper MacBook on the horizon come October.

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