'Fortnite' v4.2: Everything to Know About the Update and Server Downtime

Be prepared.

Epic Games will bring down the Fortnite servers on Tuesday to apply the 4.2 update, and this particular patch has some welcomed changes players have been waiting for — and possibly a few surprises.

In the last update, players didn’t see many changes to the game, but there was a big addition with the inclusion of the “Infinity Gauntlet Limited Time Mashup” mode. The 4.2 update could take care of certain issues players are having while also moving along another secret Epic Games threw in without any notice.

Leaked Week 3 Challenges for 'Fortnite:  Battle Royale'

Fortnite Tracker

New Weekly Challenges

Week 3 Challenges leaked Saturday when data miners at Fortnite Tracker posted the newest tasks available to Season 4 Battle Pass owners. Last week’s challenges had players dancing in front of cameras while the new challenge will have players search for some rubber duckies.

If it’s anything like the gnome challenge from Season 3, the ducks will be hidden in buildings and can only be found with audio cues, like some quacking. They could also be scattered in Loot Lake and in the rivers that connect to the lake. There will also be another map for players to seek out hidden treasure.

A red circle indicates the hidden Battle Star in the "Quiet On the Set' 'Fortnite' loading screen.


Blockbuster Battle Star

Once the Weekly Challenges are completed, players will have access to a new loading screen. In Week 1, the loading screen hinted at a hidden Battle Star at the prison. Week 2’s unlockable loading screen gave a hint for players to visit a certain part of the map. Will Epic create a real head-scratcher for players in Week 3?

Mysterious hatch in 'Fortnite'


What’s With the Hatch?

Players discovered a hatch near Wailing Woods last week. Aside from a piece of graffiti, no one has yet to uncover why it’s there. Considering that for every week in April, Epic added comets and meteors to the game as part of a big mystery that culminated at the end of Season 3, this could be the start of another secret that will take the entire season to figure out.

Gliding In? Burst?

The official Fortnite Twitter account tweeted that the 4.2 patch is “gliding in” on Tuesday and players can “burst onto the battlefield.” Epic made similar hints in previous tweets regarding the downtime for an update. In late April, one tweet mentioned “sticking the landing,” and the update had a new sticky grenade available. Players on the Fortnite subreddit speculated “gliding in” refers to a new glider while “burst onto” could mean a new burst weapon.

Builder Pro Controller Layout in 'Fortnite'


Fixing Turbo Building

In February, Epic added the Turbo Building feature to Fortnite, which allowed players to make structures by holding down one button. Then in April, the developer added a Builder Pro control layout that made it easier to build. The problem some players realized was that the new controller layout didn’t work with Turbo Building. One user on the Fortnite subreddit pointed out the issue at the beginning of May, and a representative from Epic confirmed it was an issue. The Fortnite Community Issues Trello Board shows that the issue is labeled as “Fixed in Next Release,” which means it should show up in the 4.2 patch.

Thanos in 'Avengers: Infinity War.'

Marvel Entertainment

Say “Bye, Bye” to Thanos

Limited time modes are just that, only for a limited time. Thanos came and wiped out a lot of Fortnite players, but also took a few embarrassing losses for someone in possession of the Infinity Gauntlet. But his time on the island is over, as Epic announced the “Infinity Gauntlet Limited Time Mashup” mode will conclude Tuesday.

Downtime for the 4.2 update will begin Tuesday at 4 a.m. Eastern. Servers will stay offline for an hour or two and then come back up with a brand new patch ready to go.

Update: Epic Games tweeted the 4.2 update would be delayed. It is now set for 4 a.m. Eastern Wednesday morning.