'Fortnite' Update v3.5: All the Weapons Affected by the Change

Get ready for big changes.

Epic Games

A new Fortnite patch is out, and it has plenty of changes for the battle royale game. A new item, limited edition mode of gameplay, and what could be a total game-changer: some of the game’s most damaging weapons are getting nerfs.

Developer Epic Games released update patch 3.5 on Wednesday. A major change included is a short equip time added to several weapons including the rocket launcher, the higher-powered handguns, crossbow, sniper files, and shotguns. When players switch to one of the weapons listed in the patch notes, there will be a small delay before these weapons can be fired. Epic Games included this change in order to “reduce the effectiveness of quickly switching between weapons for high burst-damage.”

Also included in the new Fortnite patch is the 50v50 Limited Time Mode. Players are split into two teams of 50 players who are dropped off on opposite ends of the island by their respective buses. There’s a 10-minute looting period where teams stock up on weapons and items then five minutes to fight as the storm closes in followed by another five minutes when the circle to fight shrinks even more until one team is left standing. This 50v50 mode originally came out in December, and just like back then, this mode will be around for a short period of time.

The Port-a-Fort, announced on Tuesday, is also in the latest Fortnite patch. It’s an epic rarity drop that will instantly create a three-floor pre-made fort. Epic Games also added a replay system, which will let players save their matches and create their own highlights with a variety of camera modes available. A new controller configuration is also now available called the “Builder Pro” that will use buttons on the controller to make building placement a little faster. Various bug fixes and other adjustments are also included in the patch.

Fortnite’s 3.5 update patch is out for all consoles, PC, and mobile versions of the game. A full list of what’s in the patch is available on the patch notes page.

A new addition in the next patch could be a dance emote featuring Drake. The rapper — who is a big fan of the game and plays with Twitch streamer Tyler “Ninja” Blevins — mentioned during a stream Tuesday that he would rap about the game if Epic Games includes a “Hotline Bling” dance emote.

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