Expect Fortnite’s "Port-a-Fort" to Be a Rare Find When It Finally Arrives

Just throw and go.

Competing in a game of Fortnite is already intense with 100 players fighting to be the final survivor. Developer Epic Games announced a new item will come to the game that will make matches even more interesting and really put the “fort” in Fortnite.

The official Fortnite Twitter account teased the new item called the Port-a-Fort. As one would expect, it’s a portable fort. It’ll take a player’s item slot and when thrown, a fort will appear. This means building a defensive structure won’t require any extra effort on the player’s part.

New Port-a-Fort Item for Fortnite.


Although some Fortnite players can build their own fort in a matter of seconds, there are multiple uses for this kind of item. The obvious use being the ability to create an immediate defensive position as well as getting the higher ground on opponents. Another use is protecting downed teammates by getting them out of danger. Then there’s the option of using this as a big distraction to get the jump on other competitors trying to get into the structure. At the very least, it will let new players build their own structure at a quicker pace.

The tweet and video showcasing the Port-a-Fort did not have a date on when it will make an appearance in Fortnite. When the item does appear in the game, expect for it to be one of the rarest items to find.

Since it went free-to-play last September, Fortnite quickly became one of the most popular games. Last month, Drake played the game with Twitch streamer Tyler “Ninja” Blevins to an audience of 635,000 viewers.

With its incredible popularity, Epic Games raked in millions from microtransactions. In February alone, the company made $126 million. The iOS version of the game, released in March, already brings in more than $2 million a day, outperforming Candy Crush and Pokémon GO.