'Fortnite' Hatch Sparks Conspiracy Theories About Its Mysterious Meaning

What's in the hatch?


It looks like Epic Games began messing with players early for Fortnite Season 4. Something mysterious showed up on the island and it’s giving off a Lost vibe.

After the Fortnite servers went down Tuesday morning for the 4.1 patch, players discovered something new in Wailing Woods: a hatch. The metal structure is indestructible and as of right now, serves no purpose whatsoever. Players can take a look in the gaps of the hatch to see there is a small shaft and then the ground, but that’s it. As the case with anything Epic Games does in Fortnite, there is a reason why this is here.

A few determined players were able to “clip” part of the hatch using Port-a-Fort grenades, which means the game graphics glitched to where a section of the structure disappeared.

Exposed hatch in 'Fortnite.'


This method did give a better view of what’s underneath, and in one video, you can see a grenade bounce off the ground and go out of view showing that there is a wider space underneath. However, this method simply removed the texture of one side of the hatch, but technically, it’s still there and players cannot fall through the empty space.

As the case with the Fortnite Easter eggs, there are a few theories about the hatch.

Symbols found on hatch in 'Fortnite.'


Mysterious Symbols

On one side of the hatch is a drawing and some symbols, but no one has yet to connect the dots on what they could mean. Considering that aliens invaded the island in Fortnite Season 4, this could be related.

Underground view of the 'Fortnite' hatch.


Catch a Ride

Another theory is that it could be a sign of vehicles coming to Fortnite. The size of the hatch is just big enough to hold a small vehicle like an ATV or motorcycle. In the Fortnite FAQ, Epic said they currently have no plans for vehicle, but that was written some time ago.

The hatch from "Lost.'


It’s Lost All Over Again

Then there are also people linking the structure to the mysterious hatch found in the Season 1 finale of Lost. Although this hatch doesn’t have some underground living space like in the TV show, there is a possibility that this could be an opening for some below-the-surface passageways that will eventually connect due to all the craters now found on the island.

So far, no one has a definitive idea of what the hatch means. Players will have to wait until the next Fortnite update to see if Epic gives some more clues to this Season 4 mystery.

This past Tuesday was also the start of the Week 2 Challenges for Fortnite: Battle Royale. The challenge to dance in front of seven cameras is tough, but it helps to have a guide.

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