'Fortnite’ Leaked Week 3 Challenges: Rubber Duckies, Treasure Map, and More

Time for a duck hunt.

Weekly Challenges are a big help for players who want to get all the cool skins and emotes for Fortnite: Battle Royale. To get a jump on the competition, players can check out the leaked Week 3 Challenges before they are officially announced on Tuesday.

Data miners at Fortnite Tracker leaked the new challenges for the third week of Fornite Season 4. As the case with weekly challenges, there are tasks requiring players to deal damage with certain weapons, find chests, and complete eliminations, but two of them are going to be a bit more interesting.

Leaked Week 3 Challenges for 'Fortnite:  Battle Royale'

Fortnite Tracker

The “Search Rubber Duckies” seems like it could be similar to the Gnome challenge from last season. Currently, there are no ducks to be found on the island, but that should change when Epic Games updates the game on Tuesday. Whether these will be hard to find or not is yet to be seen. The other interesting challenge is the treasure map in Salty Springs. Week 1 had a treasure map found in Tomato Town that led players to a Battle Star in Loot Lake.

The rest of the challenges are a bit of a walk in the park. “Watch a Match Replay” will simply require players to spend a few minutes watching a video. Doing pistol damage is easy enough although not ideal at close distance. Lonely Lodge has several chests, but players will have to fight off all the other opponents in the area. Snipe rifle eliminations have the extra difficulty of finding an actual sniper rifle. As for the “Eliminate opponents in Tilted Towers” challenge, well that’s like shooting fish in a barrel although the fish tend to shoot back.

Fortnite: Battle Royale Week 3 Challenges will go live on Tuesday after Epic Games applies the next update. They’ll stay active until the end of Season 4.

Players who need to complete the Week 2 Challenges can use a guide to finish the tasks with the least amount of deaths. Now is a good time, too, since the 50 v 50 and the Infinity Gauntlet limited time modes are still available.

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