‘Fortnite’ Season 4: Every Week 2 Challenge and How to Beat Them

Time to get some Battle Stars.

A new set of Fortnite: Battle Royale Weekly Challenges will start on Tuesday. For players who still haven’t completed the Week 2 Challenges, here are some tips on how to get all those Battle Stars.

To partake in the Weekly Challenges, players will need to purchase the Season 4 Battle Pass, which costs 950 V-Bucks or just a little less than $10. Completing the challenges earning Battle Stars will improve one’s season level and will unlock more skins, emotes, and other in-game content.

The Season 4 Week 2 Challenges are a little harder than most weeks so it may take several attempts to complete some of these challenges. Consider grouping up with other players to complete the challenges, or at the very least, being in a group will mean a couple fewer competitors to deal with.

Greasy Grove Chest Map


Search Seven Chests in Greasy Grove

The good news about this challenge is that Greasy Grove is that there are 15 chests in Greasy Grove. That bad news is that because there are so many chests in such a small area, you’ll have to contend with quite a few players. Rush over here as soon as the match starts because even if this place is a ghost town, someone will likely go in and grab all the goods. Reddit user SquatingDog made a map of where to find the chests in order to save some time. As always, watch your back around here.

Hop Rock in 'Fortnite'


Consume Seven Hop Rocks

This challenge is the easiest of the seven. The best bet is to go to Dusty Divot where you’ll find the most Hop Rocks. Other players may be hanging around, but there are so many in this area that you can run in, grab the rocks, and get out.

Suppressed SMG in 'Fortnite'


Deal 500 Damage With Suppressed Weapons to Opponents

A task that is easier said than done. Once you find a suppressed weapon, hold on to it for as long as you can. Then from a distance, take shots at whomever you see. You do not want to get up and close with a suppressed weapon while the other guy is using a shotgun. Stay away and take advantage of the weapon’s low volume to get a few hits in, but when the action gets up close and personal, switch to a shotgun.

Dance in Front of Seven Different Film Cameras

There are 10 cameras on the island so finding one is not that much of an issue. What is an issue is doing a dance without dying. Players should absolutely not rush to these areas right away. At the start of the match, these spots will have plenty of players looking for weapons so you’re just asking for trouble. Pick a spot nearby these camera locations to gather some weapons and maybe a shield potion, and then run over to do a quick dance when other players have moved on.

Search Between a Scarecrow, Pink Hotrod, and a Big Screen

Trying to find this spot on your own is a little tricky. Luckily, there’s a guide on where to go. The Battle Star is on a hill just south of the “L” in Risky Reels on your map.

The new "Clinger" weapon in "Fortnite."

Epic Games

Get Three Explosive Weapon Eliminations

Getting explosive weapon eliminations is usually tough, but luckily, this week’s limited modes will be of some help. First off, always play in a squad for this challenge. Players in a group will be put in a downed state when they’re out of health and will crawl around for a little longer waiting to be revived. When you down a player, switch to a grenade to finish them off and it’ll count as an explosive elimination. Also, as the Infinity Gauntlet mode is still available, players that get the gauntlet and turn into Thanos can use the titan’s moves to finish off opponents, which will cause as explosive eliminations. Lastly, 50 v 50 mode is back. This means players on the opposing side will bunch up more often and they’ll also go in a downstate making it easier.

Tomato Head in Tomato Town

Epic Games

Eliminate Three Opponents in Tomato Town

There’s no other way to handle this challenge other than drop into Tomato Town, look for a weapon, and lay waste to the dozens of other players doing the same thing.

As the case with all Fortnite: Battle Royale Weekly Challenges, they can be completed until the end of the season, but considering the two limited modes available right now — 50 v 50 and “Infinity Gauntlet Limited Time Mashup” — it’ll will be a little easier to complete these challenges than later this season.

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