'Fortnite' Dance in Front of Cameras: A Definitive Guide to Map Locations

A closer look each camera's EXACT location.

One of the most time-consuming (but best) Challenges to ever face Fortnite: Battle Royale players came during Season 4, Week 2 with the “dance in front of different film cameras” Challenge.

Even though players only need to dance in front of seven, there appear to be a total of 10 camera locations spread out across the map, mostly on the outer areas. Because they’re so spread out, and many of the cameras are exposed to the outdoors, actually dancing at them leaves players vulnerable. That makes it difficult to hit two or more in a single match.

The new Challenge was released with Week 2’s kickoff on Tuesday, May 8 at 4 a.m. Eastern, but players should have until Season 4 ends on or around July 9 to complete it. Earlier this week, we’ve offered some maps and one video strategy for tracking down those cameras around the Fortnite map, but if you’re looking for something a little bit more comprehensive, here’s a new map that has detailed instructions on how to find each of ten available cameras.

Here’s the map:

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  1. In Moisty Mire, there’s a film set with a large green screen right behind a crashed helicopter. Directly in front of that is the camera on some tracks.
  2. Outdoors in Moisty Mire, there’s a stretch of tracks that bends in between two trees, just east of a warehouse. That’s where you’ll find this camera.
  3. On the western edge of a bridge that runs east to west, there’s a camera right on the path.
  4. The westernmost part of the racetrack has a camera facing northeast on the ground just east of what seems like an announcer’s raised platform.
  5. Inside the northernmost warehouse in Risky Reels, there’s a camera pointed right at the green screen.
  6. Northeast of Junk Junction, there’s a small compound. Inside the largest warehouse there, a camera points towards an indoor set.
  7. If you walk into the front door of the mansion at Haunted Hills, you can find a camera on the far wall.
  8. In between Snobby Shores and Tilted Towers, there’s an indoor sports complex with a camera overlooking the soccer field.
  9. West of Greasy Grove, there’s a camera overlooking the giant dinosaur footprint in the ground.
  10. In the area just west of Shifty Shafts, there’s an office set up in the basement of a house with a camera pointed directly at it.

Generally speaking, you’ll want to pick one of these locations based on the path your Battle Bus takes at the start of the match and either work your way around or across the map. Starting in Moisty Mires is a great choice considering how close together those two are. From there, you can work your way north to the bridge and racetrack. But it’s more likely that the storm might force you to move west.

In this particular run that I did above, I started at the racetrack and somehow made my way straight west to hit a total of four cameras, but that’s just one possibility among many.

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