10 Movie and TV Franchises Begging for a Telltale Adaptation

Marvel, Ghostbusters, and Kevin Spacey.


Bucking cutting-edge graphics and complex gameplay for a good yarn, Telltale have perfected the formula for branching narratives based on existing franchises like The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones. But, these franchises need their love too

10. Star Wars

One of the most recognized movie franchises of all time would totally have room for a Telltale romp. Personally, I’m imagining a crime noir set in Coruscant. Unlikely, given the property’s ownership by Disney, but the idea of running into Obi-Wan or Boba Fett pre-Sarlacc Pit in a crime-ridden corner of the galaxy is too rich not to dream about. Or a Darth Maul game. That works too.

9. Preacher

Like The Walking Dead, Preacher’s another gritty comic gone prestige TV. In fact, it really doesn’t even matter if the theoretical game is based on, be it an adaptation of the Vertigo series, or the show starring Dominic Cooper.

All I care about is playing in a lawless world where I can decide when and when not to use Genesis to make people act against their will. This is a legitimately fascinating device for a video game.

8. Ghostbusters

The consequences of busting ghosts are maybe not as fascinating as it should be in the world of Ghostbusters, whether it’s 1984 or 2016. But there is a sprawling supernatural universe in there waiting to be explored. Previous Ghostbusters games have given lots of attention to the actual mechanics of finding and trapping ghosts, but what about the story? Telltale’s strengths in crafting characters we care about would do wonders in whatever Ghostbusters universe it happens to choose.

7. The Evil Dead

With the franchise resurrected on Starz, a journey set before the events of Ash vs. Evil Dead would be interesting to play — specifically one that exists in the long lull between Evil Dead 2 and the new TV show (the third film, Army of Darkness, is ambiguously not acknowledged). Let’s not waste time figuring out how to code chainsaws in Unreal Engine 4, let’s just get the story.

6. Pretty Much Anything Marvel

With DC giving Telltale Batman, it’s tempting to dream up the million other comic book characters that could stand to benefit from a Telltale adaptation. Superman is the obvious next choice. Wonder Woman would be cooler. Flash would be a personal preference. But what about another company entirely: Marvel?

The Marvel/Netflix shows specifically offer a world not at all different from the noir and grit Telltale has already presented in The Walking Dead and The Wolf Among Us. A Daredevil or Jessica Jones-centric game would be incredibly fun whether or not they’re part of the MCU. I’d also be keen to play an espionage game starring the characters from Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Hell, a video game could even serve as the third season of Agent Carter we’re never going to get.

5. Mr. Robot

The hacker-approved Mr. Robot offers exactly the right kind of atmosphere that Telltale excels at but remains underappreciated for perfecting. Telltale’s games drip with tension, as does Mr. Robot, and deciding the events of a story starring a character who doesn’t trust his own perception would be a killer experience. Plus, I’d appreciate having normal camera angles for once.

4. Stranger Things

There probably isn’t a lot left to explore in Netflix’s Stranger Things, especially enough for a 15-hour video game. But if there were, I’d be the first one to try out a Telltale game set in that universe. It’d be especially interesting to see how much of the ‘80s inform any Stranger Things’ video game design; The Wolf Among Us was also set in the ‘80s, but it never felt like the ‘80s. Could Telltale succeed in that department with the breakout Netflix series?

Also, Dungeons & Dragons. If there’s a whole episode dedicated to playing their D&D game, I’m in.

3. Star Trek

I could pretty much say the same thing about Star Wars right here, but let’s go with Star Trek. Big sandbox universe? Vivid characters? Enough popularity to warrant production in the first place? All of those in spades. What universe Telltale would (in theory) pursue isn’t super important, but that Bryan Fuller series sure sounds good right about now.

2. House of Cards

Imagine controlling a cel-shaded CGI Kevin Spacey who has to say “Fuck you” and all four options are exactly the same “Fuck you.” This should have been a video game yesterday.

1. Jupiter Ascending

But seriously, it was a good movie.

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